• dead body refrigerator,funeral home body freezer,mortuary cooler,mortuary freezer,dead body freezer box
  • dead body refrigerator,funeral home body freezer,mortuary cooler,mortuary freezer,dead body freezer box

GA308 Funeral Home 8 Dead Body Refrigerator Mortuary Cooler Freezer Box

High quality 8 dead body mortuary cooler is designed to improve your facilities preparation room and laboratory efficiency. Our body cooler is made of solid 201 stainless steel, with maximum durability and corrosion resistance. It not only has stability, but also provides professional appearance for any laboratory or hospital.

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Funeral Home 8 Dead Body Refrigerator Mortuary Cooler Description:

Dead body refrigerator can hold eight bodies and is used to store a normal-sized body in four layers. Each 8 dead body refrigerator comes with 8 body trays, made of 201 stainless steel, seamless deep drawn, rests on a skateboard and offers bow handles on the small side. Environmentally friendly refrigerant R134A is ozone-friendly and CFC.
Funeral home body freezer’s insulated wall is made of high-density, 3-inch-thick polyurethane foam for maximum insulation. Each mortuary freezer has its own compressor and temperature control system. Each unit of the mortuary cooler cooling system is able to maintain the desired internal temperature under specified environmental conditions. dead body freezer box high precision temperature control system keeps internal temperature consistent with digital thermostat and locks door with key.

Funeral Home 8 Dead Body Refrigerator Mortuary Cooler Features:

1.The whole machine adopts stainless steel mirror polishing, encryption door structure, integrated forming, strong corrosion resistance.
2.The front panel and front door frame of the freezer are carved with laser, beautiful without solder joints. Cabinet door thickness: 40mm
3.Arnoldan compressor, double fan heat dissipation system, low temperature resistance moistureproof; Environmental protection fluorine free refrigeration system, do green products, create a green world. Refrigerant: Environmental protection R134A.
4.Intelligently control the fan forced cold air circulation system to ensure the uniform temperature in the box. Copper evaporator cooling pipe, to ensure long service life.
5.Fast refrigeration, stable temperature at 5℃ to -15℃. Temperature display accuracy 0.1°C, resolution 0.1°C, adjustment increment 0.1°C. Each room has its own compressor and temperature control system.
6.Adopt single, single control, single cycle refrigeration system, one independent refrigeration system on one floor. Can work at the same time or alone. Intelligent panel, 8 cabinets individually displayed, each individually controlled temperature, 0.1℃ display, with high resolution temperature calibration function.
7.8cm thickened foamed polyurethane, high density, uniform and effective, insulated from external heat and good cooling effect.
8.There are four precision temperature sensors in the box (some systems have two). There are two temperature indicators outside the box, which are used to display the temperature of the upper and lower points for users to monitor the temperature of each working state in the box. Large screen digital display for easy observation.
9.The high-quality gel strip is used as the door gasket,which has strong aging resistance and can prolong the service life of the door.
10.Safety door lock with key is designed to prevent arbitrary opening.
11.40mm high integrated groove stainless steel tray, stable steel, good bearing capacity. The body tray has a row of small rollers at the bottom for easy movement.
12.Each freezer will be equipped with 4 high quality universal wheels to ensure ease of movement.
13.Excellent power off memory function, can permanently save and store huge temperature data and information.
14.Built-in lithium battery can keep the temperature display in the box, and keep light and sound alarm for 72 hours after power failure.
15.Triple alarm mode (sound buzzer alarm, light flashing alarm, optional remote alarm)
16.Seven system obstacle alarm: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, door opening alarm, power failure alarm, low spare battery alarm, low voltage alarm
17.Cadaver freezers are the living rooms for hospitals, funeral products, and autopsy departments to preserve cadavers.


1.Stainless steel 201/304 material
2.Cabinet LED lamp, cabinet drainage system,
3.Imported compressor SECOP
4. Inlet ventilation system

Mode GA308
Quantity 8 Corpse
Voltage 220V/50HZ standard
Temperature inside box -10℃ to 5℃
Exterior size 2280*1580*2120
Weight 600kg
Package size/mm 2320*1640*2300mm
Input voltage 1720w

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