What is shadowless surgical light?


In this case, the human eye is best suited to seeing in natural light. However, many complex activities are now carried out in controlled environments, such as operating theatres that require the use of artificial lighting. Surgical lighting is critical in the operating room, allowing staff to see the surgical site and work area clearly and being able to rely on the performance of the lighting equipment.

What is shadowless surgical light?

Shadowless surgical lights are used to illuminate the surgical site so that small, low-contrast objects at different depths in the incision and body cavity can be observed. Since the operator’s head, hands and instruments may produce disturbing shadows in the operating area, the design of shade-free lamp should eliminate shadows as much as possible to reduce color distortion to a low level. In addition, shadowless lights must be able to work continuously for long periods of time without emitting excessive heat, as overheating can make the operator uncomfortable and dry out the tissue in the surgical area.

Does shadowless surgical light not have a shadow?

In fact, shadowless light is not “shadowless”, it is only to reduce the shadow, so that the shadow is not obvious. Shadows are caused by light falling on objects. There are different shades on the earth. Under the light of an electric surgical light, you will find that the shadow is particularly dark in the middle and slightly lighter around. The darker part in the middle of the shadow is called the umbra, and the gray part around it is called the penumbra.

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Shadowless lights generally consist of a single or multiple light caps fixed on a cantilever that can be moved vertically or circumferentially. The cantilever is usually attached to a fixed combiner and can be rotated around it. The shadowless light is positioned flexibly through disinfection handle or disinfection hoop (arc track) and has automatic brake and stop functions to control its positioning, thus maintaining appropriate space above and around the surgical site. Shadowless light fixtures can be placed on fixed points in the ceiling or wall or on ceiling rails.

Akl700/500-iii Medical Double Dome Shadowless Surgery Operation Lamp Ceiling Operating Light is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The low power consumption and high efficiency of LED surgical light sources provide measurable economic benefits by reducing maintenance and power costs. Shadowless surgical light comfort surgical lighting system brings the latest LED technology to the operating room. Shadowless lights are designed for excellent shadow control, low temperature rise and increased light intensity. High light intensity and color rendering index are helpful for especially narrow and deep wound surgery. The 4500K color temperature provides natural white light, free of ULTRAVIOLET and infrared rays, ensuring that surgical field of vision remains clear. Color temperature adjustment can change the contrast of observed tissues, reduce fatigue of surgical surgeons, and affect comfort and ergonomics of medical staff. LED skylight also has a super long life of 1500 hours and significant energy saving effect. The procedure can be carried out well and the environment is harmonious and friendly.

It can be said that after continuous improvement and perfection, the shadowless light has become more and more perfect. Many hospitals are equipped with a new generation of surgical lighting products. The choice of surgical lighting products in a variety of configurations makes it easy for everyone to adapt to any medical system anywhere.

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