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BAM304G Paralyzed Patients Fracture Bed Traction Hospital Bed Traction Equipment

The orthopedic Traction Frame is mainly designed for diagnosis, correction, prevention, and treatment for the patient with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin. The fraction frame is suitable for a variety of beds, is installed in four I.V,Pole-holders.

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Fracture Bed Traction Hospital Bed Traction Equipment Description:

Specifically designed for Orthopedic surgeries and traumatic treatment, our fracture beds are impeccable on counts of quality, durability and performance. Our traction hospital bed encompasses backrest and leg rest adjustment facilities. Ours is a folding bed surface, which works smoothly without moving human body. Our traction equipment for hospital bed is provided at the best market prices. We ensure safe as well as timely delivery of the placed orders.

Fracture Bed Traction Hospital Bed Features:

1. Made of cold rolled steel plate, electrophoresis and powder coating treatment, with ventilation holes.

2. Separate foot sections for separate leg traction

3. Adopt side hole installation mode and six-point support anti-clip mode to prevent safety risks.

4. The headboard and footboard are made of ABS material to create a reassuring environment for patients.

5. Hidden shelving is designed under the bed for placing dinner plates.

6. stainless steel gantry traction frame with pulley and traction hook for leg traction.

7. Three hand-adjusted cranks with handles that fold at the foot of the bed.

8. Four independent casters with two brakes.

Model BAM304G
Length: 2130mm
Width: 990mm
Bed Base Height Range
Height 490mm
Technical Features
Backrest max upward angle 0-75°
Knee section(left) up: 0-40°
Knee section(right) up: 0-40°
Loading Capacity 250kg
Optional Matress
Weighing system
Extended bed frame
IV Pole
X-ray bed board
Oxygen cylinder holder

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