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BAM200G Cartoon Pediatric Hospital Bed Traction Frame

The orthopedic Traction Frame is mainly designed for diagnosis, correction, prevention, and treatment for the patient with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin. The fraction frame is suitable for a variety of beds, is installed in four I.V,Pole-holders.

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Cartoon Pediatric Hospital Bed Traction Frame Description:

The hospital bed traction frame is an orthopedic bed for both children and adults. traction hospital bed with high quality aluminum rod, perfect traction device. In order to gain a high level of trust from our customers, we are actively involved in providing pediatric hospital beds. We offer them at reasonable prices.

Cartoon Pediatric Hospital Bed Traction Frame Features:

1. Four-piece cold-rolled steel bed frame made of steel epoxy resin, polyester powder coating and baking paint.

2. For children’s body, hand and leg traction

3. The back and knees are adjusted by the two cranks at the end of the bed

4. The orthopedic bed without casters can avoid the bed being bumped and cause unimaginable harm to patients.

5. The traction rack can comprehensively adjust the longitudinal, transverse and height position, accurately adjust the most comfortable position of the patient.

Model BAM200G
Length: 1850mm
Width: 900mm
Bed Base Height Range
Height 500mm
Technical Features
Backrest max upward angle 0-75°
Knee section up: 0-40°
Loading Capacity 250kg
Optional Matress
Weighing system
Extended bed frame
IV Pole
X-ray bed board
Oxygen cylinder holder

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