What Position is Used For Gynaecological Examinations?


Gynaecological examinations are an integral part of women’s health management and their importance cannot be overstated. Choosing the right position is essential to ensure accuracy and patient comfort, and this is complemented by modern, user-friendly gynaecological examination chairs that take the process to a whole new level. In this article, we will discuss how the commonly used position in gynaecological examinations – cystolithic position (gynaecological lithotomy position), combined with an innovatively designed gynaecological examination chair, can jointly build a more professional and comfortable examination environment.


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Commonly Used Position: Gynaecological Lithotomy Position


The lithotomy position is the most commonly used position in gynaecological examinations, where the patient lies on a special gynaecological examination table with her legs bent and her feet on the pedals, which facilitates full exposure of the vulva for the doctor’s operation. The lithotomy position not only facilitates the visual examination of the vagina and cervix, but also facilitates sampling and simple therapeutic operations such as cervical smears or sampling. The wide field of vision and ease of operation of this position make it the gold standard for gynaecological examinations.


Innovative gynaecological examination chair design features and bladder stone position integration in the bladder stone position on the basis of an innovative design of the gynaecological examination chair will be gynecological examination to a new height of humane, specific features are as follows:


1. Stirrups Stretchable Design


The stirrups of the chair can be easily adjusted according to the patient’s body shape, ensuring comfort, assisting the perfect match of bladder and stone position, and reducing the patient’s sense of tension.


2. Auxiliary Table and Dirt Basin


Integrated design, the examination table is convenient for doctors to place tools, and the dirt basin made of stainless steel is easy to disinfect and clean to ensure hygiene standards.


3. Drawer Storage Space


The lower drawer provides storage space to keep the workstation tidy, gloves and disinfectant are within reach to enhance efficiency.


4. Back Spring Lifting System


The spring design of the back of the chair can be adjusted according to the need for examination angle, patient comfort, reduce pressure, more with the truncated position operation practical application and experience enhancement in the actual application of this gynaecological examination chair and lithotomy combination, so that the examination experience is greatly enhanced.

gynaecological examination, gyn examination table, lithotomy position,examination chair

During the examination, the backrest is adjusted at the right time to enhance patient comfort and reduce tension. At the end of the examination, the drawer is quickly organised and ready for the next person, which is efficient and humane.


To sum up, the combination of gynaecological examination table and lithotomy position not only reflects the perfect integration of medical science and technology and humanistic care, but also advances the gynaecological examination to a new realm of more professional, comfortable and efficient. While paying attention to women’s health, it also respects every patient’s feeling, which is the embodiment of modern medical progress.

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