What is a body bag? What is it used for?


A body bag is a non-porous bag designed to hold a human body and used to store and transport a corpse. Body bags can also be used to store bodies in morgues. Body bags typically measure about 36 inches by 90 inches. In modern warfare, body bags have been used to contain the bodies of dead soldiers. Disaster agencies often stockpile dead body bags for use in anticipated wars and natural disasters.


Body bags are sometimes depicted in movies and television as being made of heavy black plastic. Lightweight white body bags became popular because it was easier to spot evidence that might have been pushed away from a body in transit on a white background than on a black one. Even so, black dead body bags are still in common use. Other typical colors include orange, blue, or gray.


Regardless of their color, body bags are made of thick plastic with a full-length zipper. Sometimes the zipper goes straight down the middle. Alternatively, the zipper path can be J or C shaped. Depending on the design, sometimes there is a handle for easy lifting.


Messages can be written on the plastic surface of the body bag using a marker, as often happens — in situ or in a morgue, and then stored in a freezer. Alternatively, some body bags are designed to have transparent label bags as an integral part of the design that can be inserted with business cards. In any case, the traditional toe tag can be easily attached to a handle if needed.


Cadaver bags are not designed to be washable and reusable, and for good reason: In addition to the obvious hygiene concerns, reusing dead body bags in the circumstances of suspicious deaths can easily contaminate evidence. As a result, body bags are often discarded and burned after being used once.

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Why do you choose to use a body bag?


Most existing body bags don’t show enough respect for the dead. Body bags should preserve the ultimate dignity of the deceased, respect the dead, and never allow the deceased to end up in garbage bags.


The body bag has multiple handles welded directly into and integrated with the bag material for comfortable handling during transportation. This eliminates the externally sewn or riveted “webbing” handles traditionally used for transporting body bags. This feature prevents the ribbon from “tearing” or failing during rough handling while maintaining the liquid tight integrity of the bag.


There’s a tag that records information about the deceased. Inside the label is a Velcro strip that holds the bag in place while it is stored.


All edges are 100% RF thermal sealed to eliminate any possible leaks. Designed for today’s “high risk” biohazard exposures.


The material complies with EPA combustion limits and involves the release of chlorine gas, thereby eliminating disposal issues associated with vinyl materials. The material remains flexible at temperatures as low as -70 degrees Fahrenheit (-57 degrees Celsius), so it can be used outdoors in winter environments or in morgue coolers without fear of “cracking.”

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Cadaver bags are made of Oxford cloth, non-woven cloth, nylon cloth, PVC waterproof cloth, PVA and other materials, which are easy to carry, high load-bearing strength, good sealing and leakage proof. Body bags are used to respect the dead, and they are also an indispensable shipping tool for funeral homes, hospitals, fire departments and public security agencies.


1. Crowded public supermarkets, such as subways, are equipped with body bags, not only out of respect for the dead, but also for the spread of various infectious diseases.

2. Mass procurement of body bags by peacekeeping forces; Places like the battlefield need more reserves.

3. In areas with outbreaks of infectious diseases, a large number of body bags should also be equipped to prevent the spread of diseases.

4. In order to quickly dispose of dead bodies in earthquake and other disaster areas, a large number of body bags are also needed.


People tend to care about how to live happy, but lack of thinking about death. I hope my design can give the dead people the respect and awe they have earned, only in this way can they comfort their families and express their respect for life. As a body bag, it should not only be able to carry the body, but also show respect for the dead.


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