Electric patient transfer lift improves nursing efficiency


It’s hard to take care of sick people, especially those with lower back injuries. With the Patient Transfer Lift, taking care of patients can become an easy thing, which can not only relieve patients’ psychological pressure, but also help them regain confidence and better face their future life. Patient Transfer Lift realizes the safe transfer of paralyzed patients or elderly people with leg injuries between beds, wheelchairs, seats and toilets, greatly reducing the work intensity of nursing staff, improving nursing efficiency and reducing nursing risks.

For patients who need to stay in bed for a long time, personal hygiene and mobility difficulties have become very troublesome for patients and nursing staff. Taking a hot bath, basking in the sun and going outside for a breather are normal things for normal people, but for those who are bedridden for a long time, it can be a nightmare.

Because the patient cannot move, it is difficult or impossible for the nurse to move the patient, so the patient can only lie in bed, take a hot bath, and go outside for air is only a fantasy.

Wealthy families hired nannies to take care of the sick, and ordinary families had relatives take turns caring for them, mostly by one person. It was particularly difficult to move the patient alone, and it was impossible to change the bed sheets and bathe the patient in time. Over time, the home would smell, and the relatives and friends who came to visit the patient would not stay longer because of the smell, and the host of the home would be particularly embarrassed by the situation.

What can be done easily to help care for the elderly and reduce their risk?

The Electric Lift Machine can safely transfer paralyzed and injured elderly people between beds, wheelchairs, seats and toilets, greatly reducing the intensity of nursing staff, improving nursing efficiency and reducing nursing risks.

The electric lift machine plays a good supporting role in the nursing of the bedridden elderly in nursing institutions. The Electric Patient Lift replaces manpower and can be moved at any time to meet the care needs of different elderly people.

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Special role of the electric patient transfer lift in elderly care:

1. It can be adjusted freely within a certain range, and is suitable for the Angle requirements of various wheelchairs, chairs, closets, hospital beds, etc. When they are displaced, the daily needs of the elderly are met.

2. The height between the column and the lifting rod of the electric shift machine can be adjusted according to need, and can be lifted to the appropriate position from the ground to ensure the safety and comfort of the elderly.

3. Push handle conforms to the principle of dynamics, easy to push forward and backward or lateral movement rotation.

4. In the process of lifting, the old man can rotate 360 at will, so as to get a better posture during transportation.

5. Equipped with brake device to prevent the shifter from sliding when lifting the elderly, resulting in nursing staff or elderly injury.

6. It is indeed a good helper of nursing, providing convenience for the nursing of the elderly in bed and ensuring their daily life and safety.

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