How to choose an electric wheelchair for the elderly?


For the old people with poor legs, the electric wheelchair is a very good means of transportation. Some old people can still walk, but walk a little bit will be very tired, some walk is very hard.
There are so many electric wheelchairs on the market today that people often don’t know how to choose one for the elderly in their family. Different electric wheelchairs have different characteristics and are suitable for different groups of people.
5 factors seniors should be aware of when choosing an electric wheelchair.
1. Speed
Because the elderly reaction is slower, vision, hearing and so on are not young. Therefore, elderly motorized wheelchairs must be slow. When the car is too fast, the old people are easy to react and are prone to safety accidents.
2.simple operation
Elderly electric wheelchairs are different from ordinary electric cars or motorcycles. Because the coordination between eyes and hands and brain is poor, many elderly people cannot drive safely if the operation steps are complex. As a result, all ordinary elderly motorized wheelchairs are equipped with only electromagnetic brakes and can only be gently pushed with one finger on the joystick. In the event of an obstacle or emergency, simply release the joystick and brake immediately.
3. Multi-function
Elderly people with different physical conditions can choose electric wheelchairs with different functional characteristics. For example, elderly people living in older neighborhoods with limited mobility can choose electric wheelchairs that can climb stairs. Elderly paraplegics can choose standing electric wheelchair, remote control electric wheelchair and so on.
4. Core requirements
Determine the user’s core requirements. According to the user’s core needs to choose the appropriate style and function of the electric wheelchair; Different functions of electric wheelchairs are different in structure and design, and it is impossible for electric wheelchairs to solve all the needs of users. Therefore, we should grasp the core needs of users and make targeted choices.
5. Experience experience
See configuration structure, selection of materials, experience control and user-friendly design. Even if it is the first time to contact the electric wheelchair, you can choose the models and models with good quality through comparison and experience.This BWHE1301A08 Economy Multi-function Electric Wheelchair, designed for indoor and limited outdoor use, provides the ultimate comfort and support for seniors. The most important reason is that it saves time, energy and is easy to operate. Because it is easy to operate, does not need anyone’s help or manual shaking, the driving speed is also within the range of safety control, so it can be safe, comfortable, safe and easy to use.

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