Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Dear customers,

The Mid-Autumn Festival has come, our company specially customized moon cakes for you: the sweetest fruits of autumn as filling, kneading with the early morning dew, sprinkled with the fragrance of autumn chrysanthemum.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, popular in many Ethnic groups in China with the best implication of the traditional festival, the Mid-Autumn festival has been handed down from generation to generation, in different countries have similar festivals. Each region has a different way to enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival meaning is very beautiful, this day night stars sparkling, the moon is high, the moon in the sky is also round and great, indicating the “reunion of the people and the moon” good look forward to, so miss home relatives, as well as the good look forward to the autumn harvest.

At the same time, September is also a harvest season, for us, is also a season full of hope. This is a new beginning of the second half of the year, every drop of sweat you shed will bear fruit tomorrow. Come on! In this closest to the dream of the season, mo negative time, mo negative dream.

Finally, I wish you everything every month, joy every day, always happy month, career and family!

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