Do you know what an orthopedic bed is?


Orthopedic beds are used in hospital orthopedic wards, mainly for orthopedic patients. Designed to assist in the recovery of patients with limb injuries, has been manufactured and designed to avoid pressure on any particular part of the body. They are designed to provide smooth, even support.

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Compared to platform beds, orthopedic beds still have many features.

First of all, an orthopedic bed has an extra gantry traction frame than a regular bed. This is the big skeleton that we see, with four vertical tubes and four horizontal tubes.

But there is a lot of difference with this gantry traction frame because the gantry traction frame of the orthopedic medical bed is used to hang the patient’s leg or hold the wound in place to prevent bone errors caused by random movement. Because of this, the gantry frame must be strong.

orthopedic bed,orthopedic patient,hospital bed,orthopedic hospital bed

Secondly, in terms of function, the function of the ordinary hospital bed is more two legs and back swing up, while the orthopedic hospital bed has one more leg swing up, that is, it can selectively swing up in the leg. This is because many orthopedic patients need to lift one leg without lifting it, so they just need to swing it straight up without needing a gantry frame

orthopedic bed,orthopedic patient,hospital bed,orthopedic hospital bed

In addition, the stability of the orthopedic bed is also required, so we can see that the orthopedic bed is not allowed to have casters, because many orthopedic patients are not able to move freely, and most of them carry splints and other things used to strengthen the bone.


BAM304G Orthopedic Bed provides different support positions for different fracture patients, to ensure the stability and safety of the fracture site, the use of supporting mechanism and adjusting mechanism coordination, multi-point position to provide support effect, more adaptive.


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