Differences between a vital sign monitor and a patient monitor?


Patient monitors and vital signs monitors are both devices used in hospitals and other clinical Settings to measure a variety of patient health parameters. I hope today’s introduction will let you understand the difference between it. The use and choice of it is up to the doctor to make judgment and choice according to the condition.

1. Parameters

The patient monitor always has more parameters than the vital signs monitor.

The patient monitor tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, non-invasive blood pressure, body temperature and oxygen saturation levels. More advanced ones track even more, including end-expiratory carbon dioxide (ETCO2), cardiac output, anesthetics, bispectral index, impedance, and invasive blood pressure.

The portable vital signs equipment measures only a few key parameters: heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and body temperature.

While these are important indicators of a patient’s health, they do not provide as complete a picture as a patient monitor.


2. Price

In general, vital sign monitors are less expensive than patient monitors. The price difference is because vital sign monitors don’t have all the features of patient monitors.

Therefore, you must consider your needs when choosing between a vital signs monitor and a patient monitor. patient monitoring equipment is a better choice if you need a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health. However, if you have a limited budget or only need basic information, a vital sign monitor will suffice.


3. Application

Vital sign monitors and patient monitors are often used in similar Settings. However, vital sign monitors are often more helpful in situations where only basic human vital signs need to be checked in order to provide timely medical care.


Vital sign monitors and patient monitors are medical AIDS. With the help of these instruments, we can understand the occurrence and development of diseases, so as to provide reliable basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment. As a professional supplier of medical equipment, you can order in bulk online at wholesale prices and your products will be delivered through secure supply channels and checked for insurance and logistics.

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