How much does it cost to buy an ambulance stretcher?


The price of buying an ambulance stretcher varies depending on the brand, model, configuration and other factors, generally speaking, the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.


ambulance stretcher


Ambulance stretcher is one of the indispensable equipment in medical emergencies, which is used to transfer the sick and wounded from the scene to the hospital or emergency centre quickly. In emergency situations, the stretcher plays a very important role in keeping the sick and injured comfortable and safe during movement and avoiding secondary injuries.


Different brands and models of ambulance stretchers have different prices, generally speaking, the price of stretchers produced by large multinational companies is higher, if you want to choose a more favourable stretcher, Rooe provides high-quality ambulance stretchers with functionality. You can choose with your actual needs in mind. Labour is another real consideration, and depending on where it is manufactured and assembled, it can affect the final pricing.


You need to consider the actual application when buying ambulance stretchers. The following factors need to be considered:


1. Carrying capacity: choose a stretcher that suits your usage scenario to ensure that it can safely carry the sick and injured.


2. Size: Choose the size that suits your application to ensure that the stretcher can easily pass through narrow doorways or stairs.


3. Material: Choose a material that is suitable for the environment and climatic conditions in which you will be using it, such as waterproof, non-slip, wear-resistant, etc.


4. Ease of use: Choose a stretcher that is easy to manoeuvre and carry so that it can be used quickly in an emergency.


5. Safety: choose a stretcher with safety measures such as safety belts and fixation devices to ensure that the sick and injured will not slip or fall down during the movement process.


In conclusion, when buying ambulance stretchers, you need to consider the actual application, price, quality, size, material, ease of use and safety, etc., to ensure that you choose the right stretcher and be able to play a maximum role in medical emergencies.

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