Are ECG and EKG the same?


EKG and ECG both refer to electrocardiogram tests in medicine, so there is no difference. ECG stands for electrocardiogram, and EKG is the German spelling of elektrokardiographie, which translates the word electrocardiogram into German.

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The C in ECG is an abbreviation for the prefix Cardio-, and car is pronounced “card.”

The pronunciation of ECG is similar to EEG (electroencephalogram), which is easy to confuse, so Americans are more commonly used to use K to represent the syllable car, ECG also becomes EKG.

(The German “heart” suffix is Kardio, so it makes sense to be EKG. In fact, both English and German belong to the Germanic language family, and the root word “heart” comes from the Greek Kardia.)


Electrocardiogram examination can determine the number of beats of the human heart and whether the rhythm of the heart is abnormal. If there is a disease such as myocardial ischemia, it can also be determined by electrocardiogram. We offer a selection of ECG devices with 3/6/12 leads at a competitive price, providing you with a clearer heart icon and a strong basis for diagnosis.

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