5 Reasons To Choose A Video Laryngoscope


By reducing the threat of cross-contamination, speeding up patient care and improving diagnostic accuracy, the video laryngoscope has become the most powerful tool in a hospital’s Arsenal.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a video laryngoscope for your hospital or clinic.

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1. Enjoy Excellent Lighting


Studies have shown that the light intensity of traditional reusable laryngoscopes varies greatly. The effectiveness of the laryngoscope may be limited, depending on the type of blade and the type of lighting used. Poor lighting quality ultimately increases the risk of trauma to the pharyngeal tissue and other injuries.


2. Get Care Faster


When a patient is on the operating table or in an ambulance, every second counts. Use a video laryngoscope with an anti-fog system and a disposable blade. There is no need to preheat, pre-soak, clean, dry or pack the blade. Because surgery can be done faster and without delay, physicians and surgeons are able to diagnose and treat more patients within a normal working day.


3. Reduce The Risk Of Cross-contamination


Traditional laryngoscopes can be reused and are usually used on multiple patients per day. Failure to properly sterilize reusable laryngoscopes puts patients and staff at greater risk of illness. Even improper storage can lead to cross-contamination between patients.


4. Improve your Accuracy


Its ergonomic design improves precision and diagnostic accuracy. In addition, they are equipped with anti-fog lenses that prevent condensation from forming and hinder visibility, and are able to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity.


5. Use In A Variety Of Environments


Here are some Settings that benefit from video laryngoscopes:


Mission hospitals and facilities lacking reliable lighting or sterilizers

Rural hospitals and clinics prone to power outages

Mobile anesthesia practices requiring fully portable equipment


Using these video laryngoscopes helps save patients’ lives while helping to create a safe environment for all.

Here are the benefits of our video laryngoscope:

  • High definition imaging
  • Comes with physical heating and super anti-fog function
  • Available with disposable and reusable blade

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