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YX-HDD Series Medical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Stainless Steel Autoclave

The product uses saturated steam to rapidly and efficiently sterilize articles. It can be used in hospitals, public health centers, health stations, clinics in factories?and mines, scientific research institutes etc to sterilize medical equipment, surgical dressings, glass utensils, solutions, substrata. It can also be used as cooker in plateau areas and be use3d to make high quialit y drinking water in industrial and mining enterprises.

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YX-HDD Series Medical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Description:

Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer adopts saturated Steam to sterilize things quickly and efficiently. It can be used in hospitals, health centers, health stations, factories and mines clinics, scientific research institutes, etc. It can be used for medical instruments, surgical dressings, glassware, solution, substrate, or cooler in plateau area. It can also be used for industrial and mining enterprises to make high-quality drinking water. Medical Sterilizer adopts quality 304 stainless steel, uniform heating and strong acid and alkali resistance. Medical Autoclave adopts forged iron flange for reinforcement, making the pot body more stable and safe. The Pressure Steam Sterilizer has two levels of double scale Pressure indicator corresponding to temperature display and Pressure gauge. Stainless Steel Autoclave has computer control automatic cycle sterilization program, to prevent the pressure of the pot is too high, to ensure the safety of use.

YX-HDD Series Medical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Features:

1. All stainless steel structure, the main mechanism performance is more than three times of aluminum alloy, to ensure safety performance and service life.
2. Digital display of working status, touch type keys.
3. Hand wheel quick door opening structure, quick cover opening, labor saving.
4. After sterilization, the buzzer prompts and automatically closes.
5. The bottom of the concave spherical design, can be placed smoothly.
6. The pot body does not leak, and the air pressure rises stably, saving time and effort
7. Electric heating mode, easy to use.
8. It is the ideal equipment for disinfection of medical instruments, glassware and culture medium. Applicable to medical and health institutions, scientific research, agriculture, etc.


1. With pressure steam adjuster, when pressure reached the setting value, it’ll keep and control.
2.With timer, when the time reached the setting, auto turn off power and alarm to tell sterilize end.
3.With safety valve, release valve and Gauge, when the steam pressure go over 0.165mpa, the release valve should exhaust the pressure to ensure the safety, there is reading on the gauge face for both Mpa and temperature for check the data.
4.With electric heating elements of immerge type, auto pressure control and water lack protection.
5.The container and drum adopted stainless steel 0Gr18Ni9Ti, anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-rust.

Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Medical Sterilizer, Medical Autoclave, Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Stainless Steel Autoclave

Model YX-18HDD YX-24HDD
Sterilizing volume 18L(φ280*260mm) 24L(φ280*390mm)
Working pressure 0.14-0.16MPa
Working temperature 126℃
Temperature adjust range 105-126℃
Timer range 0-99 min
Max. safety pressure 0.165Mpa
Heat average ≤±1℃
Power AC220V.50Hz / 2KW
Dimension 420*420*630 mm 420*420*750 mm
G.W / N. W 14/12 KG 15/14 KG

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