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YC Series 2-8℃ Medical Energy-saving Intelligent Temperature Control Refrigerator

Medical Refrigerator is suitable for hospitals, blood banks, epidemic prevention, animal husbandry areas, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. Designed to store pharmaceuticals, medicine, vaccines, biological materials, testing reagents and laboratory materials.

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Real Air Cooling
Vortex multi- channel refrigeration system, finned evaporator, completely solve the problem of frosting, temperature uniformity greatly improved.
Real Energy Saving
Equipped with “M+ energy core” power management system, combined with all-air cooling design, the energy saving efficiency can be improved by more than 40%.
Real Visibility
Electric heating+low-e design, double considerations, the glass door anti-condensation effect is better.
Real Safety
7 sensors channel temperature sensor, high temperature control accuracy, 0 fluctuation, safer storage.

Intelligent Temperature Control
Equipped with high-precision microcomputer temperature control system and high-brightness digital temperature display with a display precision of 0.1℃;
Equipped with a remote alarm access port and 485 data access port.
Security System
The well-developed audible & visual alarm,system with multiple audible & visual alarm functions: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, door opening alarm,power outage alarm;
The compressor start delay and stopping interval protection function can ensure reliability operation;
The door is equipped with a lock, preventing it from opening accidentally.
Refrigeration System
Equipped with compressor supplied by international famous brand, high-efficiency air-cooled condenser and finned evaporator, ensuring fast refrigeration.
Human-oriented Design
Equipped with high-quality shelves made from PVC-coated steel wire with tag cards and classification marks, which are easy to clean;
Equipped with a built-in USB data logger, which can be used for storing data for 694 days and flash automatically in PDF format.
Door heating modes: automatic, continuous and off mode, to prevent glass door from condensation;
Optional with temperature printer.

Model Effective Volume(L) Temperature(℃) External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Input Power (W) Number of Shelves Net Weight (Kg)
YC-55L 55 2-8 540*560*632 444*440*404 121 2 35
YC-75L 75 2-8 540*560* 764 444*440*536 147 3 41
YC-315L 315 2-8 650* 673*1762 580*533*1122 285 4+1 87
YC-395L 395 2-8 650*673*1992 580*533*1352 290 6+1 95
YC-525L 525 2-8 720*810*1961 610*685*1264 548 6 148
YC-725L 725 2-8 1093*758*1972 980*595*1260 790 12 171
YC-1015L 1015 2-8 1180*900*1990 1070*670*1515 796 12 221


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