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AOTA401 Wilson Frame Spine Surgery Positioning With Cervical Traction

The Medical Cervical traction device is used to keep the patient in the bent position during various lumbar surgery, adjusting to the required lordosis during surgery to obtain optimal surgical site exposure. Surgical accessories are the key to improve the performance and function of the operating room. Having the best surgical equipment in your operating room improves the efficiency and accuracy of the operating room while also maximizing patient comfort and providing them with the best possible experience.

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Wilson Frame Spine Surgery Positioning With Cervical Traction Description:

The unique structural design of Wilson Frame Spine provides a stable and convenient platform for spinal surgery such as laminectomy, decompression, and disc surgery. Intraoperatively, you can adjust the spine frames to the desired lordosis for optimal surgical site exposure. Double-sided arc plate stent can protect the chest and abdomen from compression and reduce the amount of surgical bleeding. Spine support is convenient to adjust the Angle of the support, suitable for all types of patients. The cervical traction material is soft and meets the requirements of intraoperative adjustment and postoperative spinal reduction.

Wilson Frame Spine Surgery Positioning With Cervical Traction Features:

1. It can meet the operation needs of patients with various bending and stretching,

2. The operation is convenient and conducive to postoperative recovery and fixation.

3. The curved template is supported on both sides, which can avoid compression on the chest and abdomen of patients undergoing surgery and reduce surgical blood loss.

4. Easy adjustment: width support, head support distance, height and foot pad position can adapt to various patient body types.

5. Scope of application: It is widely used in various postoperative procedures of spine, cervical spine and lumbar spine.

Main Parameter
Model AOTA401
Power: 220V,50HZ
Voltage: 20W
Max Support Length: ≥700mm
Support Surface Shelf Open Distance: 0~190mm
Spine Bucking Angle: -15°~ -75°(electrical)
Head Rest Adjusted Distance: 0~300mm
Head Rest Adjusted Height: 0~150mm(from the chasis upper plate)
Breast Pad adjusted Width: 0~80mm(Bracket axis as standard)
Max Loading of Breast Pad: 135kg
Max Loading of Head Rest: 10kg
Effect capacity ≥ 100kg
Package: 82*45*32cm, 15KGS

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