Why use a mobile workstation?


Medical mobile workstations offer many benefits to healthcare facilities. They are an excellent long-term investment for any hospital, clinic or other care facility, with many benefits for your staff and patients.
The first and most important reason for using medical mobile workstations is improved ergonomics.BWT-002 Laptop Cart Computer Workstation is basically a height adjustable bracket, your employees can use laptop cart sitting or standing, have an independent notebook computer cabinet, or you can also support external keyboard and mouse, so they can be used as a stand of desk, reducing the bending sat on a laptop or use often uncomfortable, also not too comfortable to touch and the needs of the laptop keyboard.

The main advantage of medical workstations is mobility; They have a set of silent casters designed for medical environments and made of non-abrasive materials designed to avoid skid marks on the floor. Although it may seem obvious, the mobility afforded by casters allows caregivers to bring drugs, equipment, and medical files from medical carts directly to beds or care sites.
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The base of the workstation has socket rows and cables, and the powered workstation cart can be used as a workstation during the entire shift to keep the laptop battery fully charged.
With a portable workstation cart right next to the patient’s bed, your nurses and doctors can immediately access the information they need (such as medical history, test results, etc.) to enter data and update entries without relying on old-fashioned handwritten notes. The risk of opening wrong files or managing incorrect prescriptions is also significantly reduced. Combined, these factors can improve overall patient care and safety, reducing the risk of costly errors and accidents.

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