Why peva body bag?


What is peva material?

Peva is a plastic. It is by polyethylene (PE) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) co-mixed, namely polyethylene – vinyl acetate ester. Polyethylene (PE) is a kind of plastic, often carry convenient bag is polyethylene; EVA rubber and plastic products are new environmental protection plastic foam materials. PEVA combines the related characteristics of PE and EVA, and is mixed in a certain proportion, with good softness.

Why peva body bag?

1. Peva body bag can be used for biodegradation; If it is not needed, whether it is discarded or burned, it is absolutely environmentally friendly and will not bring any harm to the environment.

2. In price, we all know that the cost of toxic PVC materials will be cheaper than PEVA materials, but the price of PVC materials that do not contain phthalates will be more expensive than PEVA materials.

3. The density of PEVA body bag is between 0.91 and 0.93, while the density of PVC material is 1.32, which is also an advantage of PEVA material, lighter weight.

4. PEVA material has no odor and no other organic odor.

5. PEVA material does not contain heavy metals, so it can be safely used. There have been international standards of this kind: EN-71 Part 3 and ASTM-F963, and PEVA is in full compliance.

8. PEVA material is widely used in life. It not only has high transparency, but also softness and toughness.

9. The PEVA material can resist ultra-low temperatures, even at -70 degrees, making it suitable for storing in frozen environments.

10, PEVA materials can be used in most cases, not only water, salt, and a variety of substances.

11, PEVA material has high thermal adhesion, can be firmly attached to nylon, polyester, canvas and other cloth.

12. Low fitting temperature can be used to speed up production and make it more stable.

PEVA can also be used in more fancy products, such as screen printing, or offset printing, but only if EVA type of ink is used.

Although peva body bag is more expensive in price, it is a very practical body bag no matter from the point of view of safety or use. PEVA body bags can be used in crematoria as they are chlorine-free and burn. The bags are also sometimes used by customers such as coroners, medical examiners and medical transportation companies.


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