Why is semi-electric and full electric homecare bed popular?


Homecare Bed is an important part of caring for patients. Adjustable head and feet allow the patient to achieve position. Patients can also visit relatives upright in bed and relieve shortness of breath. For people who are not well, loud noises can be disconcerting and unpleasant because their senses are usually heightened. Homecare Bed with a smooth, quiet motor allows the patient to reposition as comfortably as possible and reduces noise. Patients also gradually lose the ability to reorient themselves independently, which is why remote controls can be very helpful. Patients can easily adjust their beds as they wish. Many patients also find that a half handrail provides support when they roll over in bed and helps prevent them from falling when they get up.

Semi-electric and full electric homecare bed

Semi-electric hospital beds have motors to raise and lower the head and feet. The bed frame remains at a fixed height, although some models can be manually adjusted with a manual crank. However, semi-electric beds are not ideal for patient care. If the bed cannot be raised to a safe working height, caregivers are at risk of back pain from excessive bending and bending. An all-electric bed is a good choice because caregivers can easily adjust the bed’s height to avoid bending forward at the waist.

Fully electric bed for patient care

Traditionally, semi-electric beds have been provided for patient care because they are much cheaper than all-electric versions. BIC509 Full Electric beds are now available at the same price as most semi-electric options. The BIC509 bed frame can be raised to 31 inches to protect caregivers from back injuries and lowered to 15.3 inches so patients can easily return to bed. Lacquered headboards and footboards resemble bedroom furniture to fit any trim. The optional half-side guardrail provides support when patients roll over and helps reduce their risk of falling when they get out of bed.

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Key Features

Caring for patients presents unique challenges because each patient has different needs. All-electric beds such as BIC509 help protect caregivers from injury as they can improve patient comfort. If the user is to be cared for for an extended period of time in bed, or spends more than 15 hours a day in bed, the fully electric home bed will provide long-term comfort and durability while minimizing physical stress on the caregiver. They are also the most expensive models. Manual and semi-electric beds require more caregiver effort and don’t offer patients much independence, but they cost less and are more suitable for short-term use.

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