Why do Hospitals Have Medical Bedside Cabinets?


Medical bedside cabinet is an indispensable equipment in hospital ward. Medical bedside cabinet is a special bedside table in hospital. A small part of the daily necessities needed by patients should be placed inside or above the bedside table. It’s very convenient to keep the patient’s water glass, fruit, cell phone, charger, lamp and other items on the bedside table. This is convenient for patients, family members and medical staff.


Without the necessary cupboards, cupboards, tables, trolleys, beds and hospital bedside lockers, it would be almost impossible for the hospital to operate. The hospital lockers sitting at the patient’s bedside perform multiple functions and play a vital role in making the patient’s life as convenient as possible.


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7 Reasons Why Medical Bedside Cabinets are Essential in Hospital Facilities


A hospital bedside table is a practical piece of furniture that is placed in a room or ward on the side of a patient’s bed.


1. It is used to store various items such as medicines, medical reports and other personal effects of patients. The bedside table is slightly lower than the bed, which improves safety during sleep.


2. It’s always a good idea to have a desk with at least one and two drawers, as it helps store important items that can’t be placed on the desk, such as your glasses and other items. A sufficient number of drawers and lockers can hold basic items that can be comfortably stored and retrieved.


3. Ensure that the desk area is not cluttered; Instead, you should keep a minimum of things, and you should always have some extra space for other things, such as adding medications when you’re not feeling well, etc.


4 Bedside lockers are fitted with wheels at the bottom, which makes them very flexible and can be easily transferred to the patient’s room or ward. In addition, they are lightweight, making them easy for hospital staff and patients to use. Patients may need frequent transfers from OT to ICU and room/ward. Mobile hospital bedside tables make it easy to move patients’ belongings.


5. There are a variety of headstock storage options to choose from, which are equipped with various locking mechanisms to ensure user security. In addition, the simple layout and stylish design provide organized storage options and easy access to patients’ valuables and medications.


6. Patient histories, reports, case notes, medicines and injections can be stored in these lockers, making them accessible to doctors, nurses and caregivers. IT improves overall treatment efficiency and the patient experience in the hospital.


7. Hospital bedside tables from well-known manufacturers have the perfect combination of look and function. In addition to providing all of the above benefits, well-designed hospital bedside tables give hospital interiors a modern and professional look. They are as important as any other piece of furniture in a hospital. Hospitals can consult with manufacturers to customize nightstand designs, sizes, colors and materials to match the hospital’s aesthetic.


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Medical bedside tables, though seemingly useless, can actually bring a lot of convenience to patients’ lives.


Therefore, we must pay attention to whether its practicality can meet the needs of patients when we choose and buy medical bedside cabinets. And to configure different types of medical bedside cabinets according to different medical space.


For example, patients can use the hospital bedside tables designed by the cubicles to separate daily items according to different needs, making it more convenient for patients to use and keeping the whole neat and beautiful.


BC010E Hospital Room Medical Patient Lockers Table Cabinet is stainless steel, with strong environmental protection, no radiation, antibacterial, high temperature resistance is not afraid of heat and other characteristics, stable performance is not rust. Folding writing table, manual adjustment, aluminum alloy, can be operated with one hand to adjust the height. The flexible design changes the old traditional impression of metal furniture, allowing cool stainless steel to become friendly and harmonious with medical furniture.


Because there are many medical bedside cabinets on the market, we naturally need to consider the choice of style when choosing medical bedside tables.


Must conform to the decorative style of the medical space. This is a very important point. It can ensure the harmony and unity of the overall medical space to avoid sudden phenomena affecting the patient experience.


In addition, the size of the bed cabinet should be considered when choosing and purchasing the bed cabinet to avoid the inappropriate size of the bed cabinet, which will affect the overall space layout.


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