Why choose electric ambulance stretcher?


Patient emergency transshipment is an important part of timely and effective treatment of acute severe patients. In this patient’s first aid transport system, in addition to the quality of the emergency personnel, there is also a simple and convenient operation, excellent performance, excellent performance.
The perfect emergency system is self-evident for emergency patients or sudden illness patients. For the beginning of the first-aid work, it is from the process of transfer patients from the site. It is now commonly used by the traffic and ambulance, but the first aid stretcher does not only need more manual physical strength in the transshipment of the patient. Convenient, even delayed rescue time.
The patient’s first aid transport has a very high demand for the transfer process. The high-quality transportation process can save a lot of time, and this precious time can often save the lives of many people; on the other hand, in the process of transport, the stability is proposed. High requirements, the instability of the transport process may aggravate the patient’s condition.
Therefore, it is necessary to have a simple and convenient operation and excellent performance, a first aid stretcher, to compensate for some of the above shortcomings. During the transfer process, the stability is highly required, and the instability of the transport process may aggravate the patient’s condition.Electric Ambulance Stretcher, Medical Adjustable Trolley, Folding Ambulance Stretcher, Hospital Foldable Stretcher, Patient Ambulance Cot
EA-3AD Medical Hospital Electric Folding Adjustable Trolley Ambulance Stretcher can be used as a ground stretcher, and there is no need to raise a doctor when entering an ambulance. It can automatically fold into a stretcher. The stretcher can be electric, manually dual, only one rescue person can easily push the patient directly into the ambulance. And one person can be performed on the folding stretcher car foot lock. And the entire stretcher structure is ingenious, easy to operate; 4 casters are flexible. During transportation, pain can be reduced, prevent injuries to aggravate the condition; equipped with telescopic infusion brackets, to solve infusion bottles in the emergency medical staff. When not in use, the support is collapsed and does not hinder the work.Easy to use, save the manpower of transporting patients, avoid damage and improve work efficiency. Patient coordination and easy operation, reduce the pain of patients, ensure the safety and comfort of patients, improve the quality of nursing work.

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