Why are more hospitals using electric stretchers?


With the deep development of the medical market, many companies have begun to research more humane and safer medical devices. There is one sector of the health care system that is very important. This is the emergency services center. First aid is not only responsible for the life safety of patients, but also needs to improve the serviceability of equipment, improve the quality of service, but also increase the safety factor for patients.

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In many places, the implementation of electric stretchers has received a lot of praise, why is this the case?

1. One Save time and effort

In the traditional stretcher, all the load is borne by the stretcher bearer. The power equipment of the electric stretcher significantly reduces the repetitive stress and strain caused by the use of manual equipment to lift and load patients on a daily basis.

The electric stretcher adopts high-quality materials and 200W motor to provide sufficient power for travel.


2. Two Suitable for a variety of corridor conditions

In first aid, complex corridors are often encountered, because the electric stretcher has no restrictions on the height of the stairs and the width of the step plane. The steering and positioning function of the electric stretcher is convenient for operation in the narrow space. The front wheel directional cardan wheel design, easy to operate in small space, the rear wheel can be automatically positioned.


3. Focus on patient care

The power stretcher is simple and intuitive to use, swapping levers for coordination and strategic improvements at the touch of a button. At the touch of a button, the electric ambulance stretcher lifts the equipment mechanically, thereby moving the stretcher and occupant with minimal physical exertion.

The hydraulic lift system also improves the patient experience by smoothly raising and lowering the stretcher, thereby minimizing the risk of patient falls and the uncomfortable vibrations that can occur with a manual crib. In addition, the extra weight limit of the electric bed provides greater stability and support for obese patients.


EA-3AD Plus Electric stretcher with special design of X bracket, ensure more stable and comfortable, no power supply when falling. Stretcher height can be adjusted arbitrarily, can match the height of hospital bed, convenient bed, relieve the pain of patients.

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