Why a casket lowering device?


ROOEMED is casket lowering device manufacturer. Casket lowering device makes casket lowering easy and dignified. Sometimes a broad selection of caskets or the impeccable appearance of modern caravans is not enough. A casket lowering device is in a sense a final touch, complementing the range of services and products offered by a funeral home aspiring to become a professional one.

With due dignity
Imagine a questionnaire addressed to the deceased person?s relatives. One of the questions is: ?Would you like a casket lowering device to be used at the funeral?? Probably a vast majority of people, if not all, would reply in the affirmative. Of course, assuming that they know what a casket lowering device is. Many people associate this device with American films. And yet it has been available in Poland for many years. Let?s return to the merits. The moment of lowering the casket to the grave is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, for the family during the entire funeral. The traditional burial, with the use of ropes looks less professional, adds unnecessary drama, carries the risk of unpleasant situations. The use of the casket lowering devices relieves these difficult moments, gives them more peace, toning and due seriousness. The device lowers the casket on special straps, and it takes place at a constant speed, regardless of the weight of the casket.

Simplicity, efficiency and elegance
The use of a casket lowering device is extremely simple. Just release the brake and the mechanism will move. The force of gravity is used. And this one will not stop working suddenly! The straps on which the casket is placed are made of durable material, adapted to considerable loads. The whole is complemented by elegant, carefully sewn, velvet drapes available in three colors. The modular design of the device makes it easy to assemble and disassemble it. We offer dedicated covers that facilitate transport of the casket lowering device and protect individual elements against dirt or mechanical damage.

Casket lowering devices as a standard
Our intermediate goal is to give people in grief the maximum sense of comfort. Although our offer is directed to funeral homes, we know how important a decent ceremony is. We make every effort to make the funeral with the use of a casket lowering device a standard in the future. A modern European country. I guess no one can imagine that instead of a coffin the deceased will be buried in a sloppily crumpled box, and instead of an exclusive caravan, will the dilapidated old cargo? So, shouldn?t the casket lowering device become a standard?

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