What is ultrasonic ?



Principle of ultrasonic
1. emitting ultrasonic waves to the human body;
2. ultrasonic in the human organ tissue reflection scattering and refraction;
3. receive the human body reflection scattering back ultrasonic;
4. after a series of treatment;
5. Waveform images are used to display the morphological structure of human organs;
6. Finally, waveform images are used to express the morphological structure of the organs or the distribution of blood vessels.
Composition of ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
The ultrasonic diagnostic instrument is composed of a host, a transducer (probe) and a monitor (display).
1. the probe: that is, the transducer, under the action of the control signal, receive and transmit ultrasonic.
2. Host: It is composed of basic circuit, channel board, DSC board keys and power supply.
3. display: similar to the principle of black and white television, the main function is to amplify the video signal and display.

Advantages of Ultrasound
1. No radiation damage, non-invasive inspection technology.
2. Abundant information is obtained and the sectional image is close to the anatomy of the real structure.
3. Ultrasonic scanning can observe the movement and function of the organs coherently and dynamically; It can trace lesions and display stereoscopic changes without the limitation of imaging stratification.
4. Able to obtain sectional images of various orientations.
5. Get timely results.
6. The ultrasound equipment is easy to move and non-invasive, and patients with mobility difficulties can be diagnosed at the bedside.
Disadvantages of ultrasound
1. The image is not as clear as CT and MR.
2. It can not be applied to lungs, stomach and intestines containing gas organs.
3. Obese patients have poor imaging quality and cannot penetrate bone.
4. The level of operation techniques and image recognition is quite different in the ultrasonic field. Thus, to improve the performance of the instrument standard operation techniques, improve the level of attempt, there is still a great effort.

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