What is the difference between medical fridge and domestic fridge?


Medical refrigerator is a category of medical refrigerators in the medical industry. It is a professional equipment for refrigerating drugs. It is mainly used for refrigerating, preserving and transporting drugs, biological agents, vaccines and blood, and also for storing biological products. Applicable to pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, centers for disease control and prevention, health clinics. The temperature of medical refrigerator generally fluctuates in the range of 2-8℃.
Compared with ordinary refrigerator and commercial refrigerators, medical refrigerator temperature control accuracy is high, temperature fluctuations in the value of small, high uniformity, with electronic controller, open the door after small temperature fluctuations, temperature recover quickly, has the perfect alarm system, and configuration temperature recorder to record temperature operation so that can check, 2 ~ 8 ° C medical accurate to 0.1 ° C temperature cooler.
1. In terms of material difference, the inner liner of medical refrigerator must be made of medical PP material. Medical PP material is polypropylene plastic, an excellent resin variety, with high density, high crystallization of comprehensive properties. Commercial refrigerators are made of food-grade PP plastic. As a medical grade PP is certified for medical purposes, the safety of the material is the first priority. The medical GRADE PP material can be used in commercial refrigerators, but the food grade PP can not be used in medical refrigerators.
2. In temperature control, ordinary refrigerators generally use mechanical temperature controller, temperature accuracy is generally poor. The medical refrigerator has precise temperature control, wider temperature adjustment range, and the increment of temperature adjustment can reach 0.1 degree, which can ensure the safety of storage.
3. Regular refrigerators can keep things cool, but they don’t have the detailed temperature monitoring that medical-grade equipment has. Therefore, the only way to know the temperature change is to read the flexible thermometer through the door seal. The medical refrigerator uses LED screen, which can understand the temperature more intuitively and calibrate the instrument. Allow employees to check the temperature without opening the refrigerator door and damaging the internal environment. This also makes it easier to record and keep an accurate history of product storage temperatures, allowing you to keep a closer eye on your materials.
4. In addition to these features, most medical-grade refrigerators and laboratory freezers include an audio and visual temperature alarm system. This will notify employees when the internal temperature fluctuates too high or too low, so that you know as soon as possible whether your material is at risk.


Refrigerator as one of the commonly used equipment in medical institutions, for example: YC-330/490 2~ 8°C Pharmacy Refrigerator Portable Vaccine Refrigerator. The temperature control precision and stability of medical refrigerator are better than that of commercial refrigerator. The choice of refrigerator is directly related to the safety and effectiveness of clinical testing and clinical use of blood. The big difference between the two is to avoid substituting commercial refrigerator for medical refrigerator in order to eliminate the potential safety risks brought by this.

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