What is a scoop stretcher?


What is a scoop stretcher?

Scoop stretcher has obvious advantages in alleviating pain, reinjury and shortening handling time. Scoop stretcher is mainly used for the transport of the injured head and spinal injuries, which can avoid aggravating the condition when handling, and is light and easy to carry.

How to use a scoop stretcher?

The design of the medical scoop stretcher allows it to be divided into two parts. Each end of the stretcher has a release clutch that needs to be pushed to release both sections.

When carrying the patient, place the patient in the supine position and fix the neck. Place the two ends of the stretcher on both sides of the patient and gently place the stretcher under the patient using scissor motion closure.

Before moving, it is recommended that the patient use a seat belt to prevent the patient from moving during transportation.

Who would use a stretcher?

Trained medical personnel, rescue and first aid personnel, military, medical personnel, aviation, sports

How many operators are needed for a scoop stretcher?

The minimum recommended number of operators for the safe use of a medical shovel stretcher is two. If the patient does not cooperate, additional operators are required.

The advantages of scoop stretcher

Medical scoop stretcher, especially suitable for the rescue and transfer of the critically injured. The stretcher surface is of split structure with a face plate with a scoop head, and is equipped with a connecting rod, a locking mechanism and a telescopic lifting rod. Slide both stretchers in from both sides of client’s body, connect and lock at center line, lift client safely and transfer. Reduce the labor intensity of medical staff. In addition, necessary first-aid measures can be carried out conveniently during the transfer process, so as to alleviate the suffering of patients and reduce the mortality rate of critically injured people. It is easy to store, carry, use and clean. There is no need to move the whole body away from the stretcher surface in patient handling, which not only saves manpower, but also is relatively safe and reduces complications in the process of handling, which is worthy of clinical promotion and use.

What material is the scoop stretcher made of?

Aluminum alloy scoop stretcher: made of aluminum alloy plate, may need oil to provide lubrication effect.

Plastic scoop stretcher: made of special PE and aluminum alloy tube, it can be placed in CT, MRI, DR and other places for image diagnosis, with high X-ray transmittance.

Carbon fiber scoop stretcher: made of carbon fiber material, it combines the advantages of aluminum alloy scoop stretcher, plastic scoop stretcher and spinal fixed plate in one, which can maximize the comfort and safety of patients and rescue personnel. Long service life, is the above two stretcher twice. The application of carbon fiber material makes the stretcher suitable for clinical patient radiological examination, CT, X-ray, mri penetration rate of 99%.

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