What are Medical Refrigerators and Freezers?


What is medical refrigerators and freezers?
Medical refrigerators and freezers are used by a multitude of businesses; hospitals, clinics, physician offices, research laboratories, surgery centers, pharmacies, long term and assisted living facilities, crime labs as well as veterinary hospitals and offices.
These refrigerators, freezers and refrigerator/freezers are used by medical personnel in the above-listed facilities such as nurses, nursing assistants, medical researchers, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and veterinarians and their staff.
Medical refrigerators and freezers are different from the normal daily use refrigerators as they must be kept at a specific temperature at all times. They need to be available in various sizes and models to fit in any setting. Some need to be secured by locks or other measures. They may need a digital read-out on the front and/or an alarm.

ROOEMED sells refrigerators you need for medical use and more that aren’t normally found in a regular appliance store.

How to Choose the Best Medical Refrigerator or Freezer
Let’s take a look at some of the different types of refrigerators and freezers available.

We have:
Ultra low temperature refrigerator/freezers
2-8 degree medical refrigerators
Vaccine & specimen refrigerators
Counter top refrigerator
Cabinet medical refrigerators
Vehicle-mounted portable medical refrigerator

The refrigeration and or freezer units come with one, some or all of the below features, or can be added to some. Check out the individual product descriptions for what is available on each unit to find the one most suited for your needs.

• Different widths and heights—something to fit the space you have
• Substantial height—allows storage of many sensitive items such as cultures, blood samples and vaccines
• One, two or three door models, some with switchable door side openings—for your layout
• Stainless steel doors on some models—durable and long-lasting
• Accucold system–helps them achieve specific temperature ranges for unique products
• ADA complaint—for meeting the disability requirements
• Two side-mounted locks—makes it secure
• Two external digital monitors display internal temperature—for precise temperature control that you don’t have to open the door to see
• Dual evaporator system—is used to achieve refrigeration at two different temperatures with a single compressor and a single condenser
• Energy Efficient—keeping your costs down
• Durable hospital grade cord and “green plug”—making it safe and longer lasting
• Three built in slide-out drawers—for easier access
• Glass shelving—for easier clean up
• Towel bar handle–to save on space and convenience
• Self-closing doors–easier on the doors and you
• CDC recommended flat interior door liner—for storing temperature sensitive materials
• Probe hole– for dry contact
• Front end breath hole–for installation
• Alarm that warns users of internal temperature fluctuations—to stop loss of product
• Humidity sensors—essential for humidity control like in specimen refrigerators
• A unit that allow you to put in your own monitoring equipment—unique to you
• Self-defrosting, some on timers—no worries about extra expense or time loss
• Fan equipped with gel packs-for stabilization—helps those temperature variations

There are different exterior appearances of appliances to match offices or institutional settings, along with refrigerators or freezers to fit the unusual spaces or modify the performance.

Vaccine Storage Refrigeration Protocols
Let’s talk a little about vaccine storage refrigeration.
You might ask… why do I need a special refrigeration unit for vaccines?
Since the vaccines have a considerably smaller thermal mass, it is critical to store them in a refrigerator designed to keep air temperature variation tightly controlled to 2-8C throughout and to monitor the temperature. One vaccine refrigerator has an alarm systems on it that goes off when the temperature changes.

If you were to use a regular refrigerator for vaccines, the temperatures vary too much between the top and the bottom shelves and when anyone opens and shuts the door. This could result in damage to your vaccines without your knowledge.
If it is a small under counter refrigerator, the problem is not so evident because of the smaller space. If you use a regular or tall refrigerator, you will encounter this issue.
If you are planning on buying and using a regular small under counter refrigerator for your vaccines you will need this next item.
We have a digital number, easy to read thermometer that has a large temperature scale, which can sit or hang in the refrigerator. It is very accurate and provides both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. It is compact to save space.
ROOEMED is pleased to offer a wide selection of medical refrigerators from a superior quality vendor.

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