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USK10 Medical Full Digital B Mode Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Ultrasound

Industry-leading veterinary ultrasound machines for equine, large animal, small animal, zoo mammal, and marine mammal medicine. These ultrasounds provide a huge value and bring portable diagnostic ultrasound imaging within reach of every veterinary professional.

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USK10 Medical Full Digital B Mode Ultrasound Scanner Features:
Powerful diagnostic software & data management software 58GHz RFID connection with external wireless monitor for display under real time, facilitate information sharing and remote consultation.
Wifi connection with Phone/Pad and PC ultrasound working station to get image & data transfer & management easily. OB record : detailed record the diagnosis results.
Diagnosis List: record diagnosis quantity, easy for batch management.
Compact design makes diagnosis more convenient.
Large capacity built-in Li battery.
Standard configuration
Main unit
Ultrasonic probe
Power adapter
Wire controlled switch
Information card
Optional configuration
Video recorder
Probe hanger
Optional probe
6.5MHz micro-convex probe
6.5MHz mult-frequency linear rectal probe


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