US350 Hospital Portable Trolley Full Digital 3D BW Ultrasound Scanner

The ultrasound machine is completely portable yet it offers the same features and quality of a much larger system. It’s perfect for private practices, clinics and hospitals. It’s easy to use and it is about half the size of traditional console-based systems, which means you can take it just about anywhere.

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US350 Full Digital 3D BW Ultrasound Scanner Features:
Full digital image formation technology
Advanced all dynamic focusing
USB port: storable and readable
High-accuracy DSC digital scan conversion
Humanized ABS injection mould, unibody chassis
Intelligentized 8-segment TGC adjustment
Progressive SMT components technology
Unique 4B imaging modes
Reliable backlit, silica gel keyboard, photoelectric-tracking control
Standard Configuration:
14 inch CRT high resolution display
3.5MHz Multi-frequency convex probe(2.5MHz-4.5MHz)
7.5MHz Multi-frequency high frequency linear probe(6.5MHz-8.5MHz)6.5MHz Multi-frequency Trans-vaginal probe(5.5MHz-7.5MHz)
7.5MHz Multi-frequency Trans-rectal probe(6.5MHz-8.5MHz)
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