Understanding, communication, cooperation and win-win


In March 2021, an old customer in Ecuador purchased a batch of medical equipment from us, including ABS carts, saltwater racks, wall hangers, aspirators, hospital stretchers, monitors and other products.

We are the partners to establish good trust, with four years of long-term cooperation, our company has rich experience in recommending the most cost-effective products for customers. After a month of communication, we successfully signed the order, and the production has been completed on schedule.

However, it encountered many challenges in shipping. Because of the outbreak this year, the factory is in a key area of the epidemic, which makes delivery a challenge. But in this case, the workers still do not slack off, quality and quantity to complete the task, production successfully completed on schedule.

But this is only the first step, later in the cargo transport process, highway encountered road closure, the truck can not be delivered to the destination.

After the container was installed, the departure of the port was delayed. As a result, the customer received the goods one month later than expected.

After receiving the product, the customer did not blame, but gave a high evaluation of the quality of our products, and said that they would continue to support our company in the future. We believe this support is mutual. In the face of loyal customers, we are willing to give maximum support to protect the best interests of customers. Although there were many difficulties in the project, both our company and the client made great efforts to overcome all the difficulties and were highly praised by the hospital. We all felt that all the effort was worth it.

Understanding, communication, cooperation and win-win

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