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TS-5/10/20L/h Medical Lab Hospital Electric Water Distiller

A water distiller is a type of water purification system that turns water into steam, captures and condenses it to effectively remove contaminants and provide fresh, purified water.

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The pure distilled water is one of the most useful liquids in the hospitals, healthcare centers, research institutes and analytic laboratories. This still is specially designed for these places to prepare the pure distilled water will be produced through this apparatus as the quality of the raw water supping into the still meets with the specifications of the drinking water of the city.

Model TS -5L/h TS -10L/h TS -20L/h
Output 5 liters/hour 10 liters/hour 20 liters/hour
Power AC220V/ 4.5KW AC380V/7.5KW AC380V/ 13.5 KW
Package 540*270*490mm 610*310*570mm 740*400*680mm
Weight 9 kg 11 kg 17 kg

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