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TS-3.5~4.5 L/h Medical Lab Wall Mounted Electric Water Distiller

A water distiller is a type of water purification system that turns water into steam, captures and condenses it to effectively remove contaminants and provide fresh, purified water.

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TS-3.5~4.5 L/h Electric Water Distiller Introduction:
This device can be mounted on wall, and producing the distil water in lower cost, continuously, automatically and effectively.
TS-3.5~4.5 L/h Electric Water Distiller Operation:
The tap water enters the bottom of the condense pipe and circle along with the pipe and enters the vaporize pan in the end, the height of the overflow be pre-set.
The steam in the pipe go down and meat the water go up, thus to make the gas in it.
The steam produced in vaporize pan reached the condense pipe through guide plate.
The guide plate be installed as can change direction three times before the steam enters the condense pipe.
This way can protection of bring tap water in the distil water, the tap water bring in the distil water is the main cause of chemical of distil water worse.
If the working is normal, it can get the water of fyrogen-free.
The vaporize, condense, overflow and guide plate inner are made in stainless steel.
And the cover outside and the cover of guide plate are made in heat-resistant borosilicate glass, all the electric elements with safety cut off switch.

Model Specifications TS-3.5~4.5 L/h
Power AC 220V~240V / 50Hz~60Hz
Output 3.5~4.5 L/ h
consumption 1.5KW*2
Net weight 7 kg/ set
Gross weight 8 kg/ set    17 kg/2set
Dimension 740*400*140mm/set    760*420*310mm/2sets
Capacity of pan 5.5 liter
PH 5~6

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