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HBYZ-300 Transparent Neonate/Infant Oxygen Mask Oxygen Therapy Hood

Oxygen hoods are cylinders or boxes that enclose an infant’s or small child’s head. Oxygen enters through a gas inlet port, and exhaled gas leaves primarily through the opening for the neck. Hoods provide up to 80% to 90% oxygen, good humidification, and controlled temperature.

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Transparent Neonate/Infant Oxygen Mask Oxygen Therapy Hood Features:

1. Used to provide therapeutic oxygen for newborns.

2. Transparent material can improve patient comfort.

3. Smooth edges fit your chin better.

4. The operation Windows on both sides can be easily accessed during surgery.

Oxygen Therapy Hood, Inant Therapy Hood, Transparent Therapy Hood

Model HBYZ-300
Dimension: 32cm x 32cm x 35cm
Gross weight: 2.0kg
Package: each unit is packed into one carton

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