Stirling Refrigerator Used in 1.8T Vehicle-mounted Portable Ultra-low Freezer


Stirling refrigerator (also known as ST refrigerator) is a mechanical refrigerator driven by electricity.
In 1816, O.R. Stirling proposed a thermodynamic cycle consisting of two isothermal processes and two isovolumetric heat recovery processes, which was called The Stirling cycle, also known as the constant volume heat recovery cycle. The reverse cycle of this cycle is called the reverse Stirling cycle, or Stirling cycle, when used for refrigeration. A Stirling refrigerator that works in reverse Stirling cycle is called a Stirling refrigerator. There are two types of Stirling refrigeration unit: integral type and split type.
Schematic diagram of a Stirling cooler. The system has one piston at ambient temperature Ta and one piston at low temperature TL.
The basic type of Stirling-type cooler is depicted in the above picture. It consists of (from left to right):
a piston
a compression space and heat exchanger (all at ambient temperature Ta)
a regenerator
a heat exchanger
an expansion space
a piston (all at the low temperature TL).
Left and right the thermal contact with the surroundings at the temperatures Ta and TL is supposed to be perfect so that the compression and expansion are isothermal. The work, performed during the expansion, is used to reduce the total input power. Usually helium is the working fluid.
Stirling refrigeration apparatus has advantages of compact structure, wide operating temperature range, fast start-up, high efficiency and easy operation. Two – space refrigerator temperature up to 80K. Three-space mechanism cooling temperature up to 10.5-20K. The temperature of the four-space refrigerator can reach 7.8K. Stirling refrigerators with the bottom temperature of the cold head reaching 6K to 3.1K have also been developed. However, the biggest disadvantage of this type of refrigerator is its high noise and short life.DW-HL1.8TL Medical -86℃ Vehicle-mounted Portable Ultra-low Freezer
This 1.8T medical refrigerator adopts the new Stirling refrigeration technology and is equipped with a variety of internal refrigeration blocks. It has ultra-fast refrigeration speed, high efficiency and energy saving, and does not use fluorine-containing refrigerant.

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