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EA-5FPN Motorized Stair Assist Chair For Handicap

Evacuation Chair is ideal for emergency evacuation during fires or power outages. Electric powered unit significantly minimizes caregiver injury by replacing manual lifting with electric operation. Ideal for medical facilities, multi-story commercial and residential buildings, fire and EMS vehicles.

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Stair Assist Chair For Handicap Description:

The stair assist chair takes only 5 minutes to install and can be easily folded in a minute and can be easily loaded in the boot. Widely used for family elderly, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc., or emergency evacuation use, there is no restriction on the height and width of the stair steps, general community stairs can be used.


Stair Assist ChairStair Assist Chair

Stair Assist Chair Features:

1. The track can be fixed on the stairs to increase friction and prevent slipping.
2. Equipped with motor to adjust the angle of the track, suitable for different stairs.
3. Adjustable safety belt and backrest, the length can be adjusted according to your needs.
4. one button to activate the stair climbing chair. The button is located on the handle of the wheelchair to facilitate the operation of the nurse behind. The control button is set on the left and right handles, electronically controlled chassis lifting and lowering, easy to operate.
5. Easily folded and can be put into car boot for easy carrying.
6. Battery with key lock, 24V lithium battery is removable.
7. Casters pull handbrake for more stable parking.
8. Honeycomb shock absorber tyres, 8 inches in front and 12 inches in rear.
9. Suitable for people with travel obstacles, can meet the need to get on and off the floor, through the barricades, go out for a walk and play, can be used in residential buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, stations and other occasions.

Stair Assist Chair



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