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LS-35HV Stainless Steel Autoclave Vertical Sterilizer High Pressure Sterilization

Convenient sterilisation on demand offers great flexibility autoclaves provide a safe and reliable high pressure steam sterilizing environment within a unit that is particularly easy to use. Microprocessor control ensures that the correct temperature is accurately maintained and easily operated with one-touch operation.

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Stainless Steel Autoclave Vertical Sterilizer High Pressure Sterilization Features:

1. Hand wheel translation and quick opening structure

2. Three times pre-vacuum

3. High quality stainless steel material

4. Microcomputer automatic control, arbitrary setting sterilization parameters

5. Safety interlocking device

6. LED touch screen display

7. Standard test interface

8. Self-expanding seal

9. With drying function

10. With automatic protection function:over temperature protection;  over pressure self discharge protection ;low water level protection;   anti dry burning.

11. Automatic water,Internal steam cycle ,Recycled water

12. External steam

13. With stainless steel bucket or basket

14. Buzzer reminder after sterilization, automatic stop.

15. Automatic discharge of cold air, automatic steam exhaust after sterilzation.

16. Internal printer

Model LS-35HV LS-50HV LS-75HV LS-100HV
Volume 35L 50L 75L 100L
Power 3.5kW 3.5kW 4.5kW 4.5kW
Voltage AC 220V, 50HZ
Rated working pressure 0.22Mpa
Rated working temperature 134℃
Sterilization temperature setting range 50℃~134℃
Sterilization time setting range 4~120 min
Drying time setting range 0~240min
Chamber volume Ø350×400 Ø400×505 Ø400×655 Ø450×650
Bucket dimension Ø330×320 Ø380×430 Ø380×560 Ø420×540
Basket dimension(optional) Ø320×350 Ø360×280×1 Ø360×280×2 Ø410×300×2
Outer dimension 698×498×940 630×530×1180 630×530×1180 760×560×1260
Packing size(L×W×H) 790×610×1130 800×600×1230 840×610×1310 870×650×1380
Gross/net weight 130/115KG 138/118KG 150/124KG 159/132KG

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