Small Benchtop Class B Autoclave Machine


Features and accessories of our small benchtop autoclave machine
Thanks to numerous safety features incorporated in this small autoclave, our type B sterilizer meets the highest standards and requirements for quality and operation safety.

The entire steam sterilization process can be launched with the press of a single button, after which any unauthorized interruption will be prohibited from the system to protect medical staff from steam that will reach temperatures ranging between 121 and 124 degrees Celsius. Until the pressure and temperature inside the chamber doesn’t return to normal, the door will stay closed to prevent unwanted accidents.

B Class table-top autoclave with open door
Our autoclave for dental instruments also comes with additional accessories to make it an even better choice for smaller clinics and hospitals alike.

Apart from our stand-alone benchtop sterilizer, there is also a water purification system available in order to improve the quality of the water needed, and to avoid the need to manually refill the machine’s water reservoirs. Each sterilization cycle can be documented by the printer which records the parameters of the cycles you use, or you can choose to collect them by using an SD card.
Why we recommend our class B autoclave sterilizer for dental and other clinics ?
In the medical industry, fighting the spread of infections both within and outside the confines of a facility is something medical staff needs to do every single day. The source of these infections can often be the lack of proper sterilization, as cleaning and disinfection cannot get rid of all potential bacteria. Our mission is to help improve the quality of the equipment medical staff can use to efficiently sterilize the tools they use, by providing solutions that meet international standards.

Our desktop autoclave is a class B sterilizer, which is the most advanced type of machine you can find on the market.

The powerful vacuum pump allows it to completely remove the air from its chamber, ensuring a much higher level of steam sterilization that can treat hollow, porous, wrapped, unwrapped, and even textile loads, which is something class N and class S autoclaves are unable to do. B stands for “big small”: despite its smaller size, it offers the same reliable performance as our bigger models, meaning even smaller dental and other clinics don’t have to compromise on quality.

TM-XD Series premium is an advanced, completely automatic pre-and post-vacuum tabletop autoclave that offers extremely high performance in the sterilization of both wrapped and unwrapped tools and equipment in the medical industry.

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