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S9700 Home Use BIPAP System Portable Breathing Machine Medical Ventilator

S9700 Home Ventilator is mainly used for treating obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS), and not for patient life support. A ventilator machine is a medical machine that supports breathing and are mainly are used in hospitals. Ventilators assist in getting oxygen into the lungs and removing carbon dioxide from the body.

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Contraindications – Absolute contraindications
1.?Heart or respiratory arrest;
2.?Weak spontaneous breathing, coma;
3.?Upper respiratory tract?obstruction;
4.?Can not clear the oropharynx and upper respiratory tract secretions, respiratory protection?ability low;
5. Neck and facial trauma, burns, and deformity;
6. Multiple system organ failures (hemodynamic instability, unstable arrhythmia; gastrointestinal perforation/bleeding, severe brain disease)
Contraindications – Relative contraindications
7.?Pneumothorax?without drainage;
8. Recent surgery of face, neck, mouth, pharynx, esophagus, and stomach;
9.?Obvious?noncooperation?or extreme?standstill;
10.?Severe hypoxemia (PaO2 <45mmHg) , severe acidosis (pH ? 7.20);
11.?Severe infection;
12.?Much respiratory tract?secretions or difficult expectoration.

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