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S6100A Medical Operating Room ICU Anesthesia Circuit Machine

Anesthesia system is consist of anesthesia gas delivery system (included anesthesia gas delivery pipe, flow meter, oxygen fault alarm and protection devices), respiratory system, SF-I AGSS system (optional devices), vaporizer (with temperature, pressure and flow compensation function, could equip SE6A or SE6B model, could choose different anesthetics such as Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane ), anesthesia ventilator, SJ-I anesthesia gas monitor (optional devices) and frame.

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S6100A Anesthesia Circuit Machine Intended Application:
S6100A?anesthesia system?used?for patients whom need?inhalation anesthesia, controlled breathing, or help to breathe as well as monitoring and display of the patient’s ventilation parameters?in medical department. Suitable for adult and children above 3 years old.
Adaptation Disease:
Various patients?who need anesthetization.
S6100A Anesthesia Circuit Machine Specifications:
Adopts the electric control gas driven?mode.
With a variety of alarm, presentation?and protection function
With backup power supply.When the?power?failure?is automatically switched to backup?power
Use 10.4 “color LCD display shows ventilation parameters, alarm information, and the graphical display.
For adults and children
Using temperature and flow compensation and zero self-locking anesthetics vaporizer;
O2, N2O?flowmeter has the linkage,ensure O2?concentration?25%;
With O2 drive insufficient pressure alarm?and N2O truncation protection

Anesthesia gas Halothane Enflurane Isoflurane Sevoflurane
Adjustable scope?% (volume percentage) 0 ~ 5 0 ~ 5 0 ~ 5 0 ~ 8

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