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  • Radiolucent Wilson Frame
  • Radiolucent Wilson Frame
  • Radiolucent Wilson Frame

AOTA16B Radiolucent Wilson Frame Patient Positioning

The Radiolucent Wilson Frame is an innovative surgical aid specifically designed for spinal surgery. The frame is made of advanced radio-transparent materials, which can maintain extremely high transmission under the guidance of X-ray, CT and MRI images, so that the doctor can clearly see the image of the bone and the implant during the operation, greatly enhancing the accuracy of the surgical positioning and operation.

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Radiolucent Wilson Frame Patient Positioning Features:

1. For spine surgery and prone position.

2. Perspective arc spine knife frame, two arc shaped fluoroscopic carbon fiber board, spine surgery can also be done under the C arm irradiation, without occlusion.

3. The bilateral rocking operation does not affect the operation position of the doctor, the operation of the crank is smooth, easy and convenient,and it can reach the radian angle position of the medical staff.

4. The comfortable sponge pad can also prevent the long time operation from pressing the wound to the patient.

5. arc Iifting 80m, larger angle and perspective rate to meet the operat ion needs.

6. Withstand the largest patient weight: 230kg

7. Width adjustment range: 250-500mm

Radiolucent Wilson Frame

Model AOTA16B
Size(mm) 750*500*250~330

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