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GA403B PVC Heavy Duty Body Bags For Adult Human Remains Pouch

Disaster agencies typically have reserves of body bags, both for anticipated wars and natural disasters. PVC dead body bag is a good choice for government. Depending on the design, there are sometimes handles to facilitate lifting. We have a range of heavy duty body bags to meet each customer’s needs, from our most popular pvc dead body bag, the white body bag, to our heavy duty body bags.

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GA403B PVC Heavy Duty Body Bags For Adult Human Remains Pouch Description:

Black body bags are still in common use. Other typical colors include green, orange, blue, or gray. Depending on the design, Heavy Duty Body Bags feature two handles on each side and two on the side for easy lifting. PVC body bag with C-type zipper, three layers of PVC cloth, waterproof, bearing capacity ≥300kg. Use a marker pen to write messages on the plastic surface of a body bag, which often happens — in place (especially when collecting large numbers of bodies) or in a morgue, and then stored in a freezer. Adult Bags respect the deceased by removing the body quickly, easily, and quickly in order to put the deceased to rest. Environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless standard, can be directly incinerated. Human Remains Pouch has a perfect suture between the inner and outer layers to achieve anti-corrosion, deodorization, leakage and other isolation and protection effects.

GA403B PVC Heavy Duty Body Bags For Adult Human Remains Pouch Features:

1. 0.5mm thick PVC material, a total of three layers, intermediate layer to prevent liquid leakage.
2. The Internal middle layer has 0.1mm Leakproof transparent bag, not easy to leak. Perfect for moving a body around.
3. The unique internal optical transparent bag allows viewing of remains in the bag and minimizes the risk of human exposure.
4. A transparent label bag is set above the front of the bag to place the label card, which is convenient for registration and transportation, so that the dead can get peace and dignity.
5. Adopt double-head #5 C type high quality zipper, the zipper is closed smoothly, the slide button is not easy to open, the operation is simple, time saving and labor saving.
6. Bearing capacity ≥300kg, strong Bearing capacity, good sealing, easy to carry.
7. 8 built-in handles, welded directly inside the belt to blend with the material, easy to transport during operation.
8. All joints are 100% RF thermal sealed to eliminate any possible leaks. Designed for today’s “high risk” biohazard exposures (compliance with OSHA Reg. 3130 – General Precautions)
9. Environmental protection, no pollution, the bag can be directly burned, small size, light weight, independent packaging, easy to use.


(1) Can customize any size, material, thickness, heat sealing. Any number of built-in or external handles. Different types of zipper design, zipper material and so on
(2) Body bag ID bag, which includes toe tag, external ID tag, personal item ID tag.And ID holder of the deceased identity can also be provided upon request.
(3) Body Bag With Window
(4) Absorbent pads
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Product model GA403B
Model Adult Extra Large
Colors White,  Black,Green,Blue(Blue color to enhance post mortem forensic photography study without removing remains from the bag (Also available in black or white upon request)
Size 220×100cm 250×120cm
Thickness 0.5mm
Zipper  C Type Zipper
Handles 8
Maximum loading capacity ≥300kg

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