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PS150/200/350 Medical Intelligent Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer Autoclave

Plasma sterilizes by a process called oxidation. The plasma produces a chemical reaction in which all microorganisms are deactivated. The high heat turns the molecules of the hydrogen peroxide into free radicals, which are highly unstable.

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PS150/200/350 Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer Features:
1.10.4 inch LCD(liquid crystal display) and Android operating system;
2.Double LCD synchronous display front and back side for operators convenience in 2 areas.
3.Finger print identification and no upper limit to the number of operators;
4.Support wired LAN,WLAN and 3G;
5.2 USB connectors, which can export data record;
6.Text message reminder;
7.Video broadcast;
8.Cloud service, backup and recovery record data;
9.Real time curve: the curve shows the sterilization status for easy monitoring;
10.Online infection control knowledge, user manual and maintenance instructions are available;
11.Update online medical industry news;
12.Update application online and offline;
13.Export record data as excel file;
14.Leybold vacuum pump from Germany.

Type PS150 PS200 PS350
Overall Dimension H1730*W835*D1086(mm) H1730*W835*D1086(mm) H1786*W1050*D1086(mm)
Power Rating 220V/50Hz,4Kw 220V/50Hz,4.2Kw 220V/50Hz,4.2Kw
Capacity 150L(rectangle chamber) 200L(rectangle chamber) 350L(rectangle chamber)
Chamber Size H450*W450*D800(mm) H500*W500*D800(mm) H620*W720*D800(mm)
Sterilization Mode 2 or 4 layers 2 or 4 layers 3 or 4 layers
Items Shelf Quick/standard/enhanced cycle
Sterilization Temp 50℃–60℃
Door Type Single door/double door optional
Control system Android system, intelligent management
Cassette 12 capsules for each cassette which can be used for 6 cycles

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