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AMJ-101 Hospital Portable Anesthesia Machine With Ventilator Equipment

The ideal Portable Anesthesia System support an upgrading not only for clinical field, but also applicable for anesthesiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, stomatology and emergency department. It gives a safe, accurate and convenient support for application combination which will assit with fast response to life care.

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Hospital Portable Anesthesia Machine With Ventilator Equipment Features:

1.Portable design, easy to operate.
2.Applied for Adult and Pediatric.
3.2 Gas souces (Oxygen and Nitrous oxide).
4.Applied 1 High-precision Vaporizer (Isoflurane/Enflurane/Sevoflurane/Halothane).
5.Available for connecting Anesthesia ventilator (AMJ-1010, AMJ-1020 ).

Physical Specifications
Dimensions 50*46*32
Weight 22kg
Casters Front wheels with lock
Patient range Adult/Pediatric
Lanauage English
Pipeline Supply
Gas configuration 02, N2O
Pipeline input range 280-600Kpa
Working Specifications
Power AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±2%
Current 500mA max
Modes of Ventilation
Ventilator Parameter
Working type Pneumatic driven
System Standard
Hypoxic guard system N2O cut-off valve, O2 concentration >25%
APL valve <6kPa
O2 Flush 25-75L/min
Volumne of CO2 absorber 0.8 L
Flowmeter 4 tubes, Cascade 0.1-10L/min O2, 0.1-10L/min N2O
Vaporizer 1 unit, (Isoflurane/Enflurane/Sevoflurane/Halothane)
Anesthesia ventilator Available for connecting Anesthesia ventilator ( CWH-1010,CWH-1020)
Reserve Condition Temperature: -10-40 degree, Relative humidity < 90%
Working Condition Temperature: 5-40 degree, Relative humidity < 80%

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