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AV-1020 Portable Anaesthesia Ventilator Cat/Dog Animal Anesthesia

It provides the physician with a flexible, simple and easy-to-use ventilator for closed circuit AND semi-close circuit. All the selected patient parameters are clearly visible on large, bright LED displays. The audio-visual alarm system contains improved alarm features – including alarm mute. The AV-1020 is an advanced, yeteasy-to-use anesthesia ventilator.

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Portable Anaesthesia Ventilator Cat/Dog Animal Anesthesia Features:

1.Applied for adult and pediatric
2.Microprocessor controlled ,integrated anesthetic ventilation system
3.7 inch TFT display screen
4.Good air tightness, high reliability

Technique Specifications
Dimensions: 43cm*38cm*49cm
Weight: 10kg
Working type: Electronically controlled, pneumatic driven
Patient type: Pediatric, Adult
Ventilation mode: VCV, SIMV, PCV, MANUAL(BAG)
Tidal volume: 20-1500ml
l:E ratio: 4:1-1:8
Adjustment range: 1-100bpm
Under IPPV and Manual mode: 4~65bpm
Under SIMV: 1-40bpm
Monitoring: VT, MV, BPM, Paw, FiO2, PEEP, Respiratory Frequency, l:E ratio, Ppeak
Waveform: Pressure- time, Flow- time, F-V loop, P-V loop
Power: AC 220V±10%, 50HZ±2%, built-in battery > 2hrs(rechargeable) 12V
Inspiratory time (Tl) (at SIMV) Adjustment range:0.2 s 〜6.0 s (the limit of l:E ratio< 4)
Pressure trigger: —20 cmH20 〜+ 20 cmH20
Pressure limit:
Patient airway pressure range: -2KPa 〜10KPa
Airway pressure monitoring range: 0〜10KPa
PEEP: 3 ~ 20cmH2O
Safety valve pressure limit: < 6Kpa
Alarm: High(Low) MV alarm,AC power lost alarm.
Continuous positive airway pressure, Apnea, Self-test failure, Battery Low
High(Low)Respiratory Frequency, High(Low) FiO2
Oxygen sensor
Silicon tubes (reusable)
Tidal volume sampling sensor
Oxygen high pressure hose

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