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PLX8500C Digital X-ray Radiography System Hospital X-Ray Equipment with Flat Panel Detector

Digital X-ray replaces the use of film or computed radiography (CR) plates with a direct digital transfer of X-ray images into the PACS. Digital radiography (DR) is the direct conversion of transmitted X-ray photons into a digital image using an array of solid-state detectors such as amorphous selenium or silicon, with computer processing and display of the image. DR X-ray systems are used for both fixed base room installations and mobile DR, or portable DR, systems that are wheeled between room for imaging exams.

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PLX8500C Digital X Ray Radiography System Characteristics: 
1. Cesium iodide flat panel detector, adopting advanced manufacturer art, which is of very stable performance.
2. The effective detecting area is of 17” *17”, it can satisfy radiography needs of different parts.
3. With workstations international professional and state of the art medical image processing technology, the English operation interface and the DR image processing function.
4. Using a Gigabit Ethernet connection with the DR detector, safe and efficient image acquistion, international Dicom 3.0 standard interface for easy linking into the PACS system, transfer printing.
5. Independent research and development high power high frequency high voltage generator, achieve short exposure time, superior performance, world class.
6. With kV, mAs two button system, kV, mA, s three button system and AEC automatic exposure the three photography mode, can choose to better meet the professional requirements of different users.
7. Human graphical user interface, true color touch LCD screen, digital intelligent control system, 2000 radiography parameters combination make operation is simple and convenient.
8. With multiple automatic protection and fault code hint feature, maintenance more convenient.
9. Independent research and development, production of the new all electric U-arm main frame, a wide range of lifting, rotating, meet standing and supine multi-site photography requirements.
10. Mechanical movement with automatic digital control drive technology, high quality gear motor, stable performance, accurate, reliable.
11. Two mechanical motion controls: close table touch screen, remote control, quick and flexible operation.

Main Technical Parameters: 

Item Content Technical Parameters
High Frequency High Voltage X-Ray Generator Output Power 50KW
Inverter Frequency 260KHz
X-ray source assembly Anode Type Rotating
Nominal tube voltage 150 kv
Radiography voltage 40-150 kv
Radiography current 10-650mA
Radiography mAs 1mAs – 1000mAs
Focal spot 0.6mm/1.2mm
Focus power 22kW/50kW
Anode target angle 12°
Rotary anode speed 3200rpm
Anode thermal capacity 150 KHU
Tube assembly thermal capacity 900 KJ
Tube assembly heat dissipation rate 180w
Collimator Parameters  inherent filtration 1mm Al
Additional filtration 1mm Al+2mmAl
Digital Detector Detector type A-si Flat Panel
Scintillating Medium type Cesium Iodide
Field 17”*17
Pixel Matrix 3K*3K
Pixel Size 139um
Limited spatial resolution 3.7Lp/mm
Grayscale ≥14 bits
DQE >67 %
Shortest imaging time ≤9s
Imaging Workstation Acquisition Module Gigabit Ethernet acquisition, enhanced image adaptive process
Image Processing Module Tissue Equalization, W/L adjustment, points of interest, a negative phas, noise reduction, smoothing, sharping, single window, double window, four-window, multi-window, move, right-handed 90 degree, 90 degree left handed, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror magnifying glass, image scaling, image restoration, layer information, text annotation, image annotation, length measurement, curve measurement, angle measurement, rectangular length, area of a rectangle, ellipse length, oval area, polygon area, measuring edit measuring deleted.
Structural Performance U-arm Vertical lift distance: ≥1250mm
SID adjustment range: 1000mm~1800mm
Rotation range of U-arm: -40°~130°
Rotation range of FPD: ≥90°
Rotation range of X-ray tube: ≥180°


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