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PLX7200 Medical Mobile 3D Digital Radiology X-Ray C-Arm System (Cone Beam CT)

It is a high‐definition 3D mobile C‐arm designed to give surgeons certainty in these matters. Thanks to Retina technology for optimal images, CARE technologies for the right dose in each case, and intelligent power management, it delivers the perfect balance between image quality and dose.

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PLX7200 Medical Mobile 3D Digital Radiology X-Ray C-Arm System Introduction:
It widely used in Orthopedics, general surgery, othopedic surgery, urology, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, gastroenterology department, gynecology and operating room etc. Bone tissue biopsy, spine pedicle screw implantation, long tubal bone marrow nail fixation and hand, foot fracture surgery with screw fixation.
Isocentric Design Technology
Eliminate the need for repositioning and enable both and dose saving Ensure a constant image size with varying projections Wide orbital rotation of up to 190° Prerequisite for 3D imaging via orbital movement



Technical Parameters

Electrical Performance High Frequency Inverter
Power Supply

Output power: 5kW

Inverter Frequency: 60kHz

Automatic & Manual Continuous Fluoroscopy

Tube Voltage: 40-125kV, continuous adjustment

Tube Current: 0.3-4mA, continous adjustment

Pulse Fluroscopy

Tube Voltage: 40-125kV, continuous adjustment

Tube Current: 4.1-30mA, continuous adjustmen

Pulse Frequency: 0.1-10 frame/s, continuous adjustment

C-arm track sliding
Sequence Photography

Tube Voltage: 40-125kV, continuous adjustment

Tube Current: 4.1-15mA, continous adjustment

Number range of sequence photography: 100 frame


Tube Voltage: 40-125kV

Max. Tube Current: 100mA

mAs: 0.1-180mAs

X-ray Tube

Fixed anode Focus


Anode thermal capacity: 35kJ

Image System

Image Intesifier

Toshiba 9” image intensifier

CCD Camera

Medical use 1 million pixel digital CCD Cameral


Real time collection, horizontal, vertical mirror image, recursive noise reduction can be adjusted continuously, multi-images storage, image patching, last image freeze.


19 inch 1M medical use LCD grayscale monitor

Workstation Software

Storage without damage, multi-images display, image W/L real time adjustment, grayscale switch, region of interest balance, GAMMA correction, flip, noise

Struction Perfromance Direction Wheell, main Wheel Direction wheel 360°rotation, main wheel ±90°rotation


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