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PLX7100A High Frequency Mobile Digital Surgical Fluoroscopy C Arm X Ray Machine

PLX7100A uses imported large-size flat panel detector, a larger field of view, access to high-definition distortion-free images to ensure accurate and reliable image information to meet a variety of clinical special surgical needs.

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I. Technical specification
1. High frequency high voltage generator
1.1 Power output:25kW
1.2 Inverter Frequency:60kHz
1.3 Continuous fluoroscopy(Manual, Auto)
1.3.1 Tube voltage:40kV~125kV,continuous adjustable
1.3.2 Tube current:0.3mA~5mA,continuous adjustable
1.4 Enhance fluoroscopy (Manual, Auto)
1.5 Tube voltage:40kV~125kV,continuous adjustable
1.5.1 Tube Current:0.3mA~10mA,continuous adjustable
1.6 Pulse fluoroscopy
1.6.1 Tube voltage:40kV~125kV,continuous adjustable
1.6.2 Tube current:0.3mA~100mA,continuous adjustable
1.6.3 Pulse frequency:0.1~12.5 frame per second, continuous adjustable
1.7 Radiography tube voltage:40kV~125kV
1.8 Radiography tube current:70mA~200mA
1.9 Radiography mAs:0.1mAs~320mAs
2.X-ray tube assembly
2.1.1 Dual focuses X-ray tube: 0.6 / 1.3, rotating anode heat capacity:80kJ
2.1 Heat capacity:1000KJ
3.Digital imaging system
3.1 Flat panel detector
3.1.1 Model:THALES Pixium Surgical 2630
3.1.2 Effective area size is:28.7cm*26.5cm
3.1.3 Maximum pixel size:1560*1440
3.1.4 Pixel size:0.184mm
3.1.5 16-bit analog-to-digital converter
3.2 Display: 21-inch 2M gray-scale medical liquid crystal display
3.3 Digital image processing system
3.3.1 Image acquisition module: real-time zoom, real-time rotation of any angle, vertical / horizontal mirror, real-time enhanced processing, sub-window display, single frame / sequence image storage and echo
3.3.2 Image processing module: For the images that have been collected or saved, the images can be processed in this module: labeling, zooming, measuring, window display, 90°rotation, horizontal mirror and vertical mirror.
3.3.3 Report module: provide a variety of diagnostic terms can be modified to facilitate the user to write a report to provide the report print function
3.3.4 Film print module: complies with the DICOM standard medical film typesetting and printing functions
4. Structural performance
4.1 Focus – Image receiver distance:955~1155mm
4.2 Flat panel detector up and down, adjustable SID: 955~1155 mm
4.3 C arm Slide angle along the rail arc:≥120°
4.4 C arm Rotate along the horizontal axis:±180°
4.5 C arm swing left to right:±15°
4.6 Forward and backward:200mm
4.7 Upward and downward:400mm
4.8 C arm opening:744~944mm
4.9 C arm depth:826mm
4.10 Guide Wheels can be rotated in any direction,main wheel 110~90°
5.Power conditions
5.1 Power supply voltage: 220V ± 22V
5.2 Power frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz
II.Standard configuration
1. Five-dimensional electric mobile C-arm main frame                   1 set
2. High-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power supply(25.0kW,60kHZ, 125kV)                        1 set
3. 21 inch 2M gray scale medical LCD display                                     2 sets
4. Flat Panel Detector                                                                                1 set
5. Digital image processing system                                                         1 set
6. Dense grain filter wire grid                                                                   1 pc
7. Electric adjustable beam limiter                                                          1 set
8. Human graphical touch screen                                                            2 pcs
9. Hand controller for specification                                                         1 pc
10. Hand controller for mechanical movement                                     2 pcs
11. Foot brake for exposure                                                                       2 set
12. X-ray image transmission and processing software                       1 set
III. Features:
1. High dynamic display range, can achieve the best human soft tissue and bone tissue imaging.
2. Cesium iodide amorphous silicon dynamic flat panel detector, the limit spatial resolution of 2.7LP / mm, gray 16bit.
3. A complete image processing system, with extraordinary processing power, to ensure that you are thinking that your income.
4. Built-in automatic optimization of advanced image processing, enhanced module, real-time display automatically optimized after a clear clinical image.
5. Real-time histogram equalization and real-time dynamic Gamma correction through real-time Laplacian pyramid enhancement.
6. Real-time window width and window adjustment, real-time arbitrary angle rotation, real-time zoom, pan, point of interest, reverse phase, noise reduction, smoothing, sharpening and other rich and powerful image processing function gives you a stronger diagnostic confidence.
7. Dedicated high-definition medical LCD display system, presented to you with high brightness, high contrast to the clinical image; contrast to nature, useful for diagnosis of the image details show clearer, more richer level.
8. The perfect digital image chain, to ensure that you can easily deal with multiple sections of a variety of conventional surgery.
9. Leading digital pulse dose intelligentized control technology, indeed real time high mA continuous pulsed fluoroscopy application, which achieving multi frequency intelligentized regulation and supplying high quality images for accurate diagnosis while ensure low dose.
It can be used for orthopedics, general surgery, orthopedics, traumatic surgery, urology, spinal surgery, pain surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology and operating rooms.

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