• Surgical X Ray Machine, X Ray System, Digital X Ray, X Ray Equipment, Digital X Ray Equipment

PLD8600 High Frequency Radiography & Fluoroscopy Digital Surgical X Ray System

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Surgical X Ray Machine, X Ray System, Digital X Ray, X Ray Equipment, Digital X Ray Equipment

Total 6CBM , GW:1,810KG

Full support perspective, gastrointestinal spot film, GI (barium meal, barium enema), orthopedic photography, pediatrics photography, chest, urinary system angiography, peripheral angiography operations, gynecological Photography (HSG) and many other checks, the real machine can realize all these function.

4.Main parts for the Machine?
1.Table(It can up and down by manual )
2. High pressure system
1)High Frequency High Voltage X ray generator : ?CPI Brand made in Canada,
2)Max Inverter Frequency : 80 kw, 200 KHZ
3)Constant DC output, to make sure high quality monochromatic X ray can be obtained,so that can eliminate the soft ray effect the image completely
4)Ultra high frequency high voltage generator, global leading high technology,X ray dose output precision, green technology, reduce emission lines
3. Equipped with high performance, large capacity of the X-ray tube
Use 0.6/1.2 mm 2 double focus, 300 khu large-capacity high-speed X-ray tube, the clinical examination for high intensity for a long time
Imported small focus, large-capacity high-speed X-ray tube components, suitable for long time and high strength of clinical examination
4. Image chain systems
Imported ultra metal screen image intensifier, 1 mage pixels.
Import Integrated Image Intensifier, three vision, 0.47 mega pixels
1)High quality metal screen image intensifier, cooperated with small focus X-ray tube and digital CCD camera, so that high-definition digital image can be obtained
2)Combination of CCD camera and digital image processor to realize the low noise, ?rich contrast perspective images, edge enhancement filter device make the image more clear and sharp edges.
3)High contrast pulse strengthens fluroscopy function , to ensure the patient can get clear diagnostic imaging even if the x ray does is only 10% of original one
5.Work station
Integrated combined operation handle, can easily control the bed body, image system and the movement of rotary pedal , spot film;
1)The table body can +90 degrees to 0 to -25 degrees rotate.
2)Humanized design of diagnosis bedside switch operation, can control the table body and imaging system movement,so that the close table inspection is convenient and easy operation;
3)Spot film device and imaging system movement range more than 720 mm,
4)Adopts the operation of the machine move, but the patient don’t need move ,, can easily finish from the throat, esophagus to the lower abdomen of a series of inspections;
5)Cassette trolley can test cassette size by itself, a key can completely finish the insert piece, save space, convenient and fast;
6. Table operation
Electric control of the infinite place ?360 degrees rotation of the pedals
7. Image processing system
1 mega pixels, with digital workstation
Integration configuration: graphic workstation (no PACS interface)
8.Digital system
1)The system has excellent performance and high quality images, from the fluroscopy,spot film, sequence of all digital photography collected to digital subtraction angiography (DSA) image processing.
2).Digital continuous/pulse fluroscopy: 1024 x 1024 matrix, 12 bit, 30 frames /s, with the function of LIH
High quality digital spot film: 1024 x 1024 matrix, 12 bit, with the function of AEC
Sequence of high-speed photography collection: 1024 x 1024 matrix, 12 bit, 1 to 30 frames/s
3).Advanced digital image processing functions
4).Pre-loaded with Windows XP professional edition operating system and the professional image processing software.
5)Image playback: the thumbnail display and playback sequence playback tools, digital subtraction angiography (DSA).
6)Image processing: window width/window adjustment, arrow, text annotations, Angle, distance measurement, image scaling, translation, flip, flip, rotate up and down, around black and white and reverse, subtraction mask option.
7)Image storage: real-time image storage, DICOM image to send, copy CD, export storage (can choose various storage format Bitmap, jpeg, AVI, etc directly used in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint and other office software, convenient the doctor diagnosis report and essay writing).
8)DICOM3.0: can connect laser camera ?printing film and the PACS network.
9)Medical records management: database management and graphic report, support the WORKLIST.

Dynamic Radiographic X Ray Machine

Product name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) N.g (kg) G.g (kg) Wooden Case Weight(kg)
PLD8600 Packing Details
Main body with Diagnostic bed 2175 1390 1476 1206 1361 155
HV Generator 800 780 1490 110 132 22
?????Control Box 1675 1040 1020 227 317 90

2.Standard Configuration:

Standard configuration::
Remote console (with touch screen control) 1 set
Imported Canadian CPI X-ray high-voltage generator 1 set
Cassette type remote diagnosis table 1set
Toshiba integrated image intensifier 1set
Medical HD monitor 2sets
Toshiba high frequency X-ray tube 1set
Electric multi-leaf collimator 1set
High voltage cable 2sets
Optional configuration:
Digital processing system 1set
Graphic processing system 1set


Specification 1:Digital Radiography Specification 2: Normal Radiography
High Frequency Generator 80KW\200KHZ10-1000MA 80KW\200KHZ10-1000MA
X ray tube Toshiba brand Toshiba brand
Image Intensifier 9 inch Integrated ( three visual field)
CCD Director 1 mega pixel 0.4 mega pixel
Workstation Digital workstation Graphic workstation?+ Medical High Definition?Monitor*2 Units

3.Main Specifications:

Item Content Technical parameter
Power supply Voltage 380V?38V
Frequency 50Hz?1Hz
Capacity ?65kVA
internal resistor ?0.17?
Digital X-ray high voltage system (import high-frequency generator ) photography Power Output 80KW
Inverter Frequency 200kHz
Tube Voltage 40kv-150kv step regulation
Tube Current 10mA-1000mA?step regulation
Exposure time 1.0s-6300ms step regulation
Control interface Touched LCD
Control hand One-button operation handle (controlled fluoroscopy, spot film, the table and imaging systems Motion)
fluoroscopy Tube Voltage 40kv-125kv step:2kv continuous regulation
Tube Current 0.5mA-6mA continuous regulation
Fluoroscopy time 0~9.6min
Digital Controlled X-ray Tube Model E7252
Tube Focus:Large Focus/Small Focus 1.2mm /0.6mm
Input Power Large focus:102kW ?small focus: 40kW
thermal capacity 280KJ
Rotary anode speed 2700rpm?/?9000rpm
Micro-computer control digital tube remote diagnostic table Material of the tabletop ?high strength,low absorb carbon fiber
Rotation of the table 90?~0?~-25?
Transverse travel of table ?110mm
Longitudinal travel of the photography holder and film spot device ?720mm
X-ray Focus-film gauge 1100 mm-1500 mm
Rotating foot plate ?360? rotation
Full film photography size 8??10?-14??17?
Dividing method for spot film Full film, half dividing, three parts dividing,?four parts dividing
Control method for diagnostic table Remote,table control,frequency conversion soft starting and stopping
beam limiter Electric Multi-leaf
Voice interaction Two-way microphone system
fixed bucky device for table Grid density:?103L/INCH,?Grid ratio:?10:1,focusing distance:?120cm,fixed type:?15??18?
Digital Image TV System Image Intensifier TOSHIBA (9?) Image Intensifier
high resolution?CCD (digital cameras) ultra-low-light,standard 1,000,000 pixel(selecting 1 mega-pixel)
Monitor 14?medical high definition monitor, horizontal??central resolution ratio :1000 lines,fringe:?800?lines,video bandwidth:?12.5MHz,50bit,image number/second: 25 frame
Digital Picture Processing System
(CCU Sentinel)
High definition line by line output mode,?8 level noise reduction,store 8 image;LIH(freeze the last frame),the image can be turned vertically?and horizontally,positive and negative image; OSD(monitor show)

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