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PLD5600B High Frequency Digital X-Ray Radiography with Portable Flat Panel Detector

Full support perspective, gastrointestinal spot film, GI (barium meal, barium enema), orthopedic photography, pediatrics photography, chest, urinary system angiography, peripheral angiography operations, gynecological Photography (HSG) and many other checks, the real machine can realize all these function.

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Usages of digital radiography dr system x ray machine settings
This digital radiographic machine is available for medical teaching, research, medical units for X-ray spot film gastrointestinal photography, remote compartment, and other traumatic perspective X-ray photography and other routine check.
The digital x ray machine/x ray machine for sales can be apply to the esophagus, chest, stomach, abdomen, limbs for fluoroscopy and spot film photography.
Features of digital radiography dr system x ray machine settings
1.Combined with PLD7600A for double-tube DRF system.
2.High power X-ray generator and x-ray tube,advanced flat panel detector option and image processing system provide perfect image.
3.Flexible table design ensures the intalligent,friendly and convenient operation.
4.Powerful network fuctions satisfy the requirements for all levels of hospitals.

Power supply Voltage:380V  38V

Frequency:50Hz   1Hz


Radiograohy Tube voltage:40kV~150kV

Tube Current: 100mA~630mA


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